Me, Open-Minded?

I need not tell you this, but here it goes: I've been busy so I apologize for not updating this blog more often.

Staring at a tornable, burnable, koyakable butter papers for a few days wihout proper food and sleep had taken a toll on me. I now have what seem to be a.... mata lebam, now I know why it's called lebam instead of mata hitam or mata legam: it hurts when you touch it. And the not eating well bit, I'm losing so much weight they should advertize the architecture course on SmartTV.

You know what, I agree with Hamid's view on the NEP. The disparity is not always apparent, really. Sometimes criticism and complains roots from greed and desperation. But most of the time, it is the difference of innagural economic and educational state that is causing race relation problems. The way I see it, the problems remains historical and generation-based, where Malaysians are not keen of escaping from the negative notions of cultural norms.

The problems are caused by us. If we see a corrupted politician running awol with the people's money, ask this question: who voted for him to become a MP or a minister? And as voters, has there been any united (non-party based) retaliation that urge the politician to step down and face the music. If there is a kind of opposition, it will usually come from political parties. People who are siding with the corrupted politician party will do what anyone with a sense of loyalty would do, which is to be defensive.

And the worst part about whole thing is, parties usually represents a certain race like (UMNO, MCA, MIC or DAP), aspirations like KEADILAN and religion (PAS). This is how our country is divided, when no party are based on the subject of virtue and value. And to be honest, I, like many Islamic Idealist think that Islam is would be great unifying force but PAS had shown a nasty example of fanaticsm when it comes to applying the Islamic law. And have you attended a PAS ceramah? Who the hell says they are not biased when it comes to other religion and race? Has the term Kafir always been used when describing non-muslims?

Look at a more global view and you'll find out that even though Iran is an Islamic state, most Iranians are not very good muslims and still believes in shirk beliefs. And look at Turkey, a secular country that banned the adornment of hijjab and religious activities now, the youth are becoming more and more Islamic, not religious but Islamic. It's different, being religious and Islamic because simply, Islam is not just a religion, it is not only about praying and fasting, it is a way of life.

Idealistic? Maybe. I simply can't accept the term of thinking like this as 'Open-Minded' because in most cases 'Open-Mindedness' is an indirect reference of being Westernized or Western-oriented. Think of it this way: Open-mindedness opposes shallow-mindedness. And how is Islam lead people to be shallow-minded? If Muslims were taught to be shallow-minded, how come they were once the pioneers of science and technology. I mean, if the labbeling applies correctly, shouldn't they live in slumps for being poor because of their Islamic obligations? Instead, Muslims nowadays are living in terrible conditions. Sure, sure, blame it on the Jews. If I suck at Math, should I blame my English teacher? Then, should I blame my Math teacher and Math textbook?

It's our fault for not realizing what's good from a haystack of bad. It is our fault for being so damn defensive about our tribes (Jawa, Bughis, Whatever) and races. It is our fault for not digging for potential for the delusional perception of Islamic restrictions. It is our fault for being contradictary, even if it had made fools of ourselves. I mean, Cik Intan watched Gabriel fornicate with her gardener and go "Oooooh" but shouts "Aaaah" when her daughter does the same.

No matter what our skin colours are, our brains are all gray, kan kan?

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