There Goes The Alarm!

What is wrong with being Sabahan Lintok? I see no reason to be embarassed to be a Sabahan, even though I am technically from Penang.
Why, these LABELS are so very outdated, and futile, and never true. So why the theatrics? I know some people might have engraved origin labels in their skulls but do we, educated university students be justified to believe in it? Come on man, don't be stewpeed.
I'll let you off with some LABELS. Let say you're from Subang, wah... you're cool and orang-putehly cultured. Not! Do you think all Subang Jayans are anglophiles? I'd seen houses with unkept gardens and some laboriously decorated in chinese motives. And the people (especially the teens) might think they came from 'the' ghetto. But puh-leez, they are delusional. Very delusional. I challenge any one of them to spell the word -anglophilia-. Hah.
What if you're from Aloq Setaq? Are you a Mat Rempit like two third of its youth? Great leaders come from the northern part of Malaysia, not to mentioned successful businessmen and scholars.
The same goes to Sabah. Have you ever been to Sabah, you sad little nincompoop? Have you not know that Sabah has one of the world's spectacular wonders? Let me re-phrase my question. Have you been to Sabah?
Just because most Sabahans who came to the university has the impossible-to-hide accent, they rank lower than other students? Think again. We might meet with eachother and you'll be surprised on many accents I'd mustered. You sad insignificant little nitwit you...


Anonymous said...

I totally get what you're saying. Sometimes people find it hard not to label something or someone. That is the mentally of M'sians. Heck, its the human nature.

oh and thanks for pointing out we subang people are cool and org putih cultured. [please note the sarcasm.]

But hey, no hard feelings. You're trying to point out the problem of the situation. And face it labelling SUCKS.

I wish you well and I know you're getting tired of this but I just love reading your blog. Take care.

hanyhany said...

i'd like to go to sabah

i heard the seafood's really good,
and i read something in a book about a dish named hinava (fish? vege? poultry? beef?) which is really famous there.

Hafidz Baharom said...

I've never been to Sabah before, but as a person who spends most of his time in Shah Alam and Subang Jaya, I can assure you I'm no Anglophile.

If there's one thing I've noticed, having had a few Sabahan classmates in the past, is that they're intelligent and very open to others, in which they can mingle around and be friendly without simply waiting for others to start an ice breaking session.

All I've heard about Sabah is how the seafood's cheap and the hotels and golf courses are spectacular, from an uncle who recently had doctors tell him to lower his cholesterol levels. Memang padan muka la that fellow.


lintok2 said...

Sabahan are confused...they envy the malays but they dont' want to be filipinos.. Don't pretend you have not been writing stupid things about the malays. People can read your post about not wanting to be a malay. There are no Malays in Sabah just bajaus, brunei or other dusun or kadazan or suluk or filipinos..

So don't insult the malays. They educate sabahan children in god forsaken place. you think the chinese would do that? The malays protect the native rights from the chinese who control your economy because of the backward natives with the bumi status.

The malays built the IIU that you don't talk cock about malays..

harsh words for ingrate...for the grateful sabahan of course the malays would extend their bumi rights to them

afiq said...

I can insult whoever I want to.. because simply, I can.

Figuring out the silver lining is however up to you. You don't like what I write? Dont read them.

No one is forcing you. If you have an opinion, fine. But dont expect anyone to agree with you. I, for one disagree with ur malay superiority complex and that will not change until the race diminish (malay).

I don't owe my life to malays. Nor do I owe anything else I owned or are equipped with. Those are amanah from God.

Boo hoo