Out of the CUBE

Just so you know, current affairs isn't my only cup of tea. No matter how I deny it, I love music, arts and architecture. It justs seems that current affairs the only crowd puller in my blog, especially ones that involves Islam.
I just realized that talking about religion and attempting to change the mentality of Muslims by pointing out apparent flaws and enlightening them with fresh ideas from different perspectives will not improve the Islamic environment. Instead, it will create a void of self-justification.
Why popular blogs revolves current events are crystal clear; because it relates events, situations, a certain reaction towards a condition. It is very relatable. Very. And so we talk about it, conforming and shaping our views in the light of different events, sharing and adding our point of views and will alas come to a point we simply shout out loud: ahah... so this is the solution! only to retrace our steps and realize how unoriginal our combined ideas were.
What's wrong is wrong and what's right is right.
Having that said, I'm moving to a new direction with this blog: this blog will no longer feature current affairs and events I'm in. Hovewer, the content will imply a silhoutte of my emotional state through my folorn designs and artwork.
Instead of waiting for events to happen and talk about it, I would rather make things happen on my own and enjoy the journey of artistic (or creativity) maturity. I will do so by displaying pictures of my models, drawings, videos and the usual blogging stuff with raw and explicit narratives.
And yes, I do hate it when people think they know who I am simply because they read my blog, since all my experinces (raw as it may) is recorded here. The blog had become too public for me to sober myself telling tales of painstaking experiences.
You know what I mean?
I want Passion to become the Pavement of my Future, not my not-so-divine thoughts on things about anything that's about things that aren't anything. I have no intention on becoming a Jeff Ooi or a Rocky. I am Afiq. Always has been and always will be.


mr anonymous88 said...

no way!! it is you opinion anyway. Who has the privilege to prevent us from speak out our opinion?? We (the blog readers, well, if wasn't 'we', 'me' specifically) interested in this kind of blog, that revolve about current events. To know what others felt and thought and in the same time, knowing that we are not alone.

For me, I'm not in Malaysia. So, by reading blog such as yours, I can know the current issue and what are the reactions from different side of view.

I'm not really into reading newspaper online, cause it might be biased and it contain too much info.

Furthermore, what's wrong in not necessarily 100% wrong and vice versa, and you may enlighten us with your own view. Everything happened for a reason.

So the conclusion, do whatever you enjoy. Well, make sure it didn't cross the line. Hope to read more of you post soon....

Hafidz Baharom said...

Actually for me there are three parts to every argument. There's wrong, there's right and then there's the gray area.

And usually, it's the gray area that is what makes people very opinionated and thoughtful, which is always a good thing.

It's true, however. Most of us do use self-justification instead of the rules of our religious beliefs whenever we break them.

But then, religion itself has proven time and again to be more of a barrier towards unification.

This is caused by the fact that we wish to enforce the rules of our religious beliefs unto non-Muslims, and that's wrong.

Don't shun yourself from the path of giving your views on social issues, yet at the same time, don't sacrifice your individuality either.

And never, ever, support a view just because it's the popular one.

Which is why I sometimes have grouses with what Jeff Ooi writes...