Merdeka Exhibition

Yesterday, I and Azim (a quantity surveyor friend) (I know, we construction professionals wannabes are inseperable) went to KLCC to eat lunch and be enthralled with our arty-farty side at the Galeri Petronas (actually, I dragged him there). Cool stuff. The Merdeka Exhibition is going on so there were diverse collection of art pieces from -I-don't-know-where- being exhibited.
One of the coolest collections are black and white pictures of KL during the emergency darurat, you know, the famous 13th of May 1969. For those of you who hasn't the slightest idea, this seemingly unlucky and saucy date is the day when Malaysians fought each other because of the colour of their skins. The pictures were very surreal. Can you imagine an empty street in the centre of KL? I mean, even at night, they will be plenty of Jelita and Manja lurking behind piss-smelling columns. But it the pictures, all the streets were totally deserted, leaving behind hot welding steel structures and burnt roofs.
Ah... the Kedai Mamak section.. Hahah.. There were floating dialogues above a typical Kedai Mamak setting (shiny aluminium tables and chairs) with typical converstions graffitied on the walls:
Ane, ni kari malam semalam ke hari ni punya.
Tuka channel 17, ada CSI.
Tadi saya order Teh Tarik kurang manis, tapi manis jugak u bagi!
Mau order apa, adik manis?
Semua special, semua murah....
Ha, lain kali kira betul-betul!
Asal lambat ni darling, ane tu dah usha I smacam dah neeee...
Funny stuff.
And yes, you can also expect meshed and purposely spilled paint kind of artwork with really cool names like Birth or sometimes, being too cool to even be named, Untitled.
There's also a section where they show all Yasmin Ahmad's Advertisments, be it for CNY, Raya, Diwali or Merdeka.

Funny how a two-minute advertisment could make your tearduct unstable. Or make you roll with laughter.
So next time, when you decide to take a detour to KLCC and be knowingly content with the LRT passenger congestion, instead of queuing up for the Movies (which would've taken forever) visit the Gallery. Ignore the Kakak who's only nice to foreigners but will ignore you entirely and make merry with her, for you will be awarded with a Merdeka Poster. Hahah.. To orang puteh you nice lah, you fat little.........

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Hafidz Baharom said...

kahkahkah...I was just writing about Pertronas Ads in The Star, and then I saw this...hahaha!!

Great minds think alike.