The Arrival

I find it pathetic that some Muslims are overly eager on waiting for the arrival of Imam Mahdi, especially Syiahs.
It somehow justified the state of most Muslims today; because Imam Mahdi will save us all with his enlightenment?
No matter how frail the existence of Imam Mahdi is, it is an obligation to believe in his eventual arrival because there are trustworthy hadiths concerning the descendant of Our Prophet. But should we make a big fuss out of it?
One thing is for sure, there are no verse in the Quran that pinpoints the existence of Imam Mahdi. And for that reason alone, it is justified that his arrival should not hinder the Islamic development. I mean, the Islamic Renaissance wasn't mentioned by Rasulullah and yet, it happened.
Dependance on prophecies are games for fools. The Quran is much more of a Guideline or Textbook than it is of FairyTales and HappyEndings.
Hear Hear, Muslims should only examplify virtues and values from the Beloved Prophet Muhammad as his every actions were choreographed by God. We shouldn't be too kin on Saidina Ali or Imam Hussein for they are accountable for they're own actions; which could be misleading. Nor should we be too excited about the mystical arrival of Imam Mahdi.
The Future is Now. Not Tomorrow. Whatever deeds we plant today will be harvested tomorrow.


Miss Aida said...

I like the succinctness of this entry.

afiq said...

Well, Masa itu emas.

In my case, Masa itu Markah.