Directed, edited and acted by Afiq

Supporting actress: Shasha


wynn said...

letak vcam kat kipas ke?


mr anonymous88 said...

blue undergarment at remaining 3:15, or elapsed 1:06

zaFFa said...

gay alert!

zaFFa said...

I am referring to anonymous btw. : p

Cool camera angle... I love What Ifs... I understand y u wore a blue underwear, coz u changed the hue setting, making everything blue naik

Amir Bonafonte' said...

Afuq! A brilliant video I must say! Poetically-thought-provoking and Its beautiful at the same time..I mean, Im a big fan of that song and this video somehow matches most of the words in the lyrics..The ending was brilliant!
Im still wondering how the hell did you make the leaves levitate...rewind eh? :)

Amir Bonafonte' said...

Sorry, typo error *Afuq* is suppose to be Afiq..a thousand apologies :)

mr anonymous88 said...

ops!! that wasn't so gay, it is just my eyes always seeing things that I shouldn't see. O.o
Keen eyes to be specific
Anyway, I forgot to praise the video. Very creative and migrain-inducer. Hehehe...

afiq said...


Haah, letak kat kipas.

zaffa zaffa zaffa... you really dont have to tell everybody that you have a secret crush lah... it's so obvious. hohoho

mranonymous88, you don't have to praise my video, its pretty amatuer. Very amatuer, actually. No bidget, no fuss, 1 hour filming, 2 hours editing and voila... haha


Flattered, really I am. :-)

All is full of love doesn't relate to levitation lyrically but whenever I listen to it, it just feel as if aything that dwells in its rythm and flow is in a state of weightlessness.. entahla.

The bulu I used my friend's hairdryer. The leaves; rewind.

- said...

Dayummmm how'd you levitate and managed to stay afloat?

And you call that an amateur attempt? Dude, that is not. I've seen more unskillful execution than that. ;) Now, if only you take requests...

I can't say that the song is my kinda sound preference but I am amazed that you can make such a video. I've never done one (and not going to in the near future) so, I'm assuming it's freaking hard. For a noob la, like myself.

lubna said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this.

The camera angles, the shooting, the framing, the special effects etc. Very praiseworthy.

Afiq, you should be very proud of this.

Hafidz Baharom said...



Aaaaaahck! *sputter* *die*

afiq said...

alamak,, kepala sudah kembang. This vid is my second actually. The first one is too erghh.

I'm working on my third vid.. suda plan storyboard and caption and everything else.. I'll finish it by the end of next week. It going to entitled (if i still want the same title then lah) Minah.

lutfi belwael said...


lubna's bro.
was blog hoppin.