Yesterday. Was. Weird.

I woke up when I heard loud noises from outside. Convinced that it was a plane crashing towards the house, I whispered the Syahadah until I heard people screaming. I peeped through the window and saw 8 motorcycles encircling 3 Sikhs. There was a bit of scuffle when the rempits snatched one of the Sikh's briefcase.
Just before the security guard came to the rescue, the rempits sprinted and escaped. That's the weirdest thing that happened to me in months: I woke up at 7 o'clock! Amazing!

Oh, I've seen at least 4 theft right in front of me (all the more reason for girls to carry around wallets instead of handbags.) and guys to learn the art of buat-buat gila. When you act weird and whacked when a potential thief approaches you, the chances of theft will be greatly diminished.

And then I had to give a talk to hundred of school children about energy conservation just before I was invited to have brunch with four Dato's.
We talked about education, conservation, pollution and Khir Toyo. I realized that I overstepped my turf when I joined in the conversation whenever I can but they appreciated my views so it would be rude to just sit quietly and eat what the restaurant called brunch. Brunch is supposed to be light. If a 7 course meal is considered a brunch, I'm so going to have dinner there soon.
After that I was interviewed by RTM 2 and Bernama reporters. I didn't ask them when I'll be aired because malaslah... cam poyo je.
I learnt my lesson when a magazine did a piece on me and told me that it will be published in 2 months time. I checked the issue two months later and was crushed to find that the anticipated piece on me was non-existent. I called the magazine and they told me that they've already published the piece two months ago. Sejak kejadian itu, I never bothered to check my debut in any medium of the media. poyo je.


farid said...

dont u mean 'brunch' ?

Moja Amin said...

aha! 60 secs of fame that is!

arlina said...

can i be jealous? because seriously, i am and i dont even know why. -_-

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha... Afiq silap eja! Buat correction cepat!!!

Mr Jon said...

I wish I could throw Mat Rempit outside of Bima Sakti.

Afiq Deen said...

thanks for correcting me.

why should u be jealous??? live and let live.

arlina said...

im jealous because you write what you wanna, you let your thoughts out, people listen, or shall i say, listen alright, and you seem to know what are you doing with your life and i think being you is fun. ha ha, seriously. please take that as compliment because it is and it comes from the bottom of my heart. cheers mate ;)

and you are one brave and creative guy :D *big smile*

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