Baju Melayu

I don't have many types of clothes. This is because I never buy my own clothes. People give me clothes as gifts when they go for vacations because they know I don't buy my own clothes. It is coincidental that most vacation t-shirts are black in colour so I ended up wearing black most of the time. Now black is my signature look. Black and baju melayu.

You see, baju melayu is my favourite kind of attire because it is specifically designed to suit this climate and has 5 pockets. It is usually loose and its soft satin like fabric will not give away the true nature of one's body. This is good news for people who can gain considerable amount of weight in a short time (like me). No wonderlah baju melayu is a staple attire for Raya and other occasions that involves delicious food.

Baju melayu was a normal attire until I wore it for a primary school fashion show. My old neighbour recalled how I refused to change to any other clothes after the end of year ceremony and hid in her house so no one could make me change.

But back then, we were told what to wear and when to wear them so I didn't get to wear the baju melayu too often until I entered university.

I have 8 baju melayu that I wear at least twice a week and during occasions where I have to present a speech. I actually owned 11 but I burnt 3 of them with my cheap electrical iron.

For me Baju Melayu is our very own croc sandals. It's very comfortable, well ventilated and simple. I also wear it when I go to places where salesman usually come up to me to promote products. I do this because they will approach me with opening lines like "Encik, kami ada satu produk...." or "Encik berminat untuk beli.." and not "Ni yao na ge tam draiv ma? or "Boss, lu minat beli ini ubat ah boss?"

I even appeared in the Star newspaper on Hari Raya wearing baju melayu!

People (especially friends) would usually question my choice of clothing on Monday and Friday because they told me it would make the baju melayu more casual and not exclusive like it should it be to me or everyone else around me.

"You won't feel special anymore when you attend events that requires you to wear a baju melayu.." Arman told me once.

"But then," I refuted. "There's always Batik!"


Qarl said...


wearing a baju melayu

sometimes menyerlahkan lg our appearance..

some girls like mens yg suke pkai baju melayu..

sbb karl slalu pkai.. hahaha

Mr NAEmnzr said...


baju melayu mmg cantik,
dh ada mcm fesyen skang,dgn sedikit sentuhan trnasformasi kt koler baju/butang.
yg lain,hampir sama: )

teruskan memakai baju melayu.

alone said...

easy to wear, especially when it's friday at iium. i love when most people choose to wear baju melayu to studio.

btw, u appeared in star.. what year eh?

farahrozhan said...

That is soooo SKSG stage!

Afiq Deen said...

Yep, Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Gelogor is one of the 11 schools I attended.

the most recent hari raya aidil fitr. I cant remember what day it was though. why you want to look for me in your stacks of old newspapers issit?

Hint -pg 16.

mgiL said...

if there is any consolation malay men do look sexy in baju melayu :P

Afiq Deen said...

We do!


(thank god fot that!)

Anonymous said...

Heyy.. i like your blog saying about baju melayu.. it just coincidence i try to find a picture of man using baju melayu... suddenly ur pic is out and i interested to read bout it... and,, haha its fun :) i do enjoy read it :)