The Deens

We are a rowdy bunch when united. Today it's almost impossible for all of us to be together but when we're together, we're a force to be reckoned with. Yes yes, divorce is a bitch especially when our parents still can't get along even after a decade of seperation.

We're unique and different from other siblings because

1. We look nothing alike

2. We have extremely different personalities

3. We are extremely distructive as a group


It's basically pro-wrestling but done in a smaller scale. Whenever we stay in hotels during vacation, we will set up the bed, hide the pillows (so we can use them as 'aluminum' chairs), discuss our characters, wrestling techniques and entrances and played until somebody get hurts or when be become extremely fatigue. Saiful is a natural lucha libra and have the agility of an orangtan. Hadi is a redneck type who uses his humongous butt as his finishing smackdown move and I'm a technical wrestler who uses difficult grappling techniques. Hadi and Saiful usually opted for their favourite wrestlers' character like the Hardy Boyz and I will choose made up woman wrestlers like Anita Sarawak who sings "Akhirnya Kini Pasti" just before the finishing smackdown move.

Scooter Quiditch

It's basically Quiditch minus the magic brooms. The venue is usually the basketball court and we have to use mini scooters to move around. We used a typical football as the Quaffle, a light rubber ball as the Bludger and a transparent marble as the snitch. The same rules of Quiddith applies to the Scooter Quiditch.

Fiq Factor

You guessed it! It's a spin-off from Fear Factor. In this game, I have the priviledge as the game master and will not participate. Like the real Fear Factor, I will prepare three challenges that follows the format of the game. Some of our favourites were:

Ikat Katil - I will tie the contestants to the bed and they have to figure out a way to get around and reach an assigned object located at the opposite side of the double storey bed.

Teh Misteri - I will prepare a dozen of miniature cups filled with soy sauce, dissolved sugar, oyster sauce, tabasco etc and all contestand had to do was roll the dice to determin which cup they had to drink.

Carik google - Basically the goal of the game is to find and retrieve a google but we were left blindfolded, tied and wrapped in layers on comforters. Scary gila.

Rollerblade Rumble

This game is so far the easiest but toughest of the lot. All we had to do was to circle the basketball court ten times using our rollerblades but along the way, we can use any imaginable tactic to get ahead. Shoving, teaming up to plunge forward and tackle, body slams were all permitted.

There are dozens more games but so far, those mentioned were the most memorable.

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