Picking Up the Keys

Some kids play football or badminton or the guitar throughout their childhood and school years. Because my parents moved a lot, I never had the chance to pick up and learn a skill thoroughly.

As far as I know, I had only won competitions involving literature or poetry. My articles are published in 4 different school magazines (which my family threw away when they cleaned my room after I left home) and my poems were recited in public to all the schools I've been to but other than that, I've no other special skills.

In highschool I wanted to learn a musical instrument but my family couldn't afford it at that time because I was already enrolled in an expensive private school. So I asked a music teacher to teach me how to play for free. Unfortunately, the music teacher is a pathetic homosexual with a paedophile tendency. The moment he rubbed the inside of my left thigh, I ran away from him and his piano and never looked back.
By the time I had my traumatic experiences with two gay teachers resolved without the help of anyone (no one bothered to ask me what's wrong when I locked myself in my room, thinking that I'm just the lonely type) I already finished my SPM exams and moved to Alor Setar to help my father with his restaurant and you know how things are between SPM and University, it's like a bland vortex that sucks out every ounce of life hopes and dreams and replaces it with academic hopes and dreams.

Just after the exams ended, everything involving the piano and the urge to learn how to play it resurfaced and in split seconds, I made up my mind.
It's never too late to learn new things!
I'm going to fucking learn how to play the fucking piano!
So I looked for the cheapest beginner keyboard and purchased a second hand PSS 270 Yamaha keyboard from the internet. (mudah.com.my)

I also borrowed lesson books from my cousins and have been teaching myself how to play ever since, which was two days ago. Oh man when you do something you've been meaning to do forever, it feels like you're been doing it for weeks and not the actual days.
I'm still learning the ropes like the notes and sequents and geography (I thought that was all over with in highschool!) but I can already play a song adequately well: Katy Perry's Hot and Cold.
Of all songs, I chose the gayest of them all!


Akmal Azeman said...

owh man! tht thing needs A LOT of practice. i just learnt the damn thing about a year ago n im still no good, maseh merangkak rangkak. bt then again, that must be my laziness. LOL1

tia said...

uiks...dahsyatnyer..agak susah juga ya untuk menjadi seorang lelaki...len kali..
comotkan muka kamu..
mesti cikgu gay tu tak terpesona

Dammit said...

haha, goodluck. Youtube would be a good teacher for you!(dia tak gay, betul)

Hariz Mohammed Shazalli said...

Argh! u got urself that keyboard! i want to blaja gak lah.. bila u sudah, u teach me. i wanna mix music with those...

Hafidz Baharom said...

nothing wrong with choosing a gay song....lol~!

If I had to perform John Mayer's "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room", you can damn well do Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold"