Internal Monologue Ketika Exam

Question 3
a. i. State justifications when dealing with contractors in which the Certificate of Non Completion is issued. (10 marks)
- In events that includes majuere sounds like majerine, ish lapar ler pulak like war, nuclear explosions KEBOOMMMM hahaha macam dialogue Idris dalam 4 Peringkat Ajal flooding etc, an EOT (extension of time) will be granted to the contractor.
- S.O. (supervising officer) who did not deliver updated drawings and specifications to contractors. Also known as Ass 'Ole. I wonder if people call architects Ass O'le behind their back..
- Excessive rain during working hour. alasan merepek betul! kontraktor takde payung ke? When in doubt of the nature of excessive rain, one should check the Jabatan Kaji Cuaca hmmm.. I've never been there before... must be a nice place to visit for a 5-10 year report.
- If the case is deemed as unjustifiable okay I'm making up words now the contractor has to pay LAD (Liquadated Ascertained Damages) liquidated! why not steamed or vaporized? to the client.
-To one more point left and I dont't think there's a fifth point, dammit! check whether or not the contractor had taken endevours yes yes must slot in big words to eksyen to prevent delay and to avoid panjangkan point with the same shit but different words disruption whatever and whenever possible to owh I'm good at making shit up to ensure efficiency. Thank you come again!

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