Somebody asked me "What do you think of the part when Mahesh and Melor slept on the same pillow?"
I answered. "Big Deal. Once, I woke up with two drunk chinese friends sleeping under my bed when my family weren't home."
"Really? Makelah a review of Talentime from your point of view!"
Oh well, I read many reviews of this movie and all the reviews will come to the same conclusion anyway and so will mine (so what's the point?) I can certainly see why people crave for that type of thing to happen in real life. Inter-racial friends, relationships, love etc.
I think at some point in my life, I've encountered situations where the complexity of racial and cultural differences arised. Here are some bits of my childhood stories:
So Talentime is basically a tale that many malays, chinese or indians do not get to experience unless they are schooled in predominantly mixed schools or private schools in Perak, Kuala Lumpur or Penang where English is the main medium of communication.
I'm just fortunate enough to have my very own muhibbah upbringing for me to yawn in scenes where most Malaysians will be appalled or surprised to watch.



A friend went to Asrama penuh SMS Dungun.. budak KL were viewed as liberal and extrovert.. zaman dier-lah I don't know about now.

Senar-nye tak pun cuma impression budak-budak luar bandar masa tu.

Tapi sekarang nih rasa-nye bebudak luar bandar pun sama naik jer... Equalising power of TV and Internet.

I was in SBP also. It was a bit odd to have friends yang 1. All-Melayu 2. Encounter zaman-tu rock melayu 80's 3. tancho lololol

Akmal Azeman said...

i had the chance to be in the muhibah mode tyme plkn. it was nice. my chinese frens were owh-so-sweet. one of them even gave me wet kisses all over my face after i got bk from my so-called cuti sakit. seriously. to get kisses from malay frens?? mimpila byk2. chnese' n westerns' kisses are usually for free. heh.

owh. please note. im no lasbo or sum sort. frenly kisses arent like smooching okayy~~ again. mentaliti masyarakat kite

Afiq Deen said...


racial intergration should start early. plkn is a very good way to promote unity but i dont think it's sufficient.

all jenis kebangsaan and sekolah agama should be abolished in order for everyone to be schooled together regardless of their race and religion.

joegrimjow said...

myday=always holiday

yawn.. said...

yeah,big deal..unless you're from convent,methodist,la salle,st john/joseph etc..