I've always wanted a dog. This is no secret. Although my family kept more than 20 cats, I only owned 2 cats: Sylvester and Tigger and when I moved out, I took care of an orphan cat Shasha. I taught them all how to french kiss and play tag because I couldn't teach them how to slobber and play catch. Deep inside, I knew that they felt they were merely substitute of something I couldn't get my hands on and they were right.

Last year I made a decision. Once I have my own house, I will get myself a labrador! Being the sirene of information that I am, I told everybody about my decision. "Buatpa bela anjin? Kotoq! Malaikat tak masuk, tak berkat." hissed Tok as if addressing a taboo topic. Even my post-colonial father, with his orange comb tucked in his back pocket and his tendency to teach me new english words raised his eyebrows when I showed him the dog I wanted to get on Animal Planet.

Their reactions were not unexpected. I taunted them with many ridiculous plans like adopting babies from each continents ala Angelina Jolie and marrying late to a german supermodel. "Nauzubilah" Tok will whisper audibly. "Touch wood!" Bapak will find a wooden surface and touch it. I will let them think that those plans were purposely cooked up for trivial entertaiment value. Like my plan to keep a dog.

I told this to a good friend of mine, Megat Izzuddin and he thought I was joking. I then told him about dog's status in Islam and how malay muslims hatred towards dogs is strictly a cultural thing. He fervently disagreed and when I reminded him of a scene in Yasmin Ahmad's Gubra where the Bilal pats a dog while on his way to the Surau, he got wiled up and insisted that those images were planted by liberal muslim to dilute the true teaching of Islam. I insisted that the Prophet would do the same and he had known that his followers (points at Megat) will demonize dogs because of the inconvenient hygene procedure which is the sama' (or Samak). I know for a fact that Megat is not the only one who thinks that.

Whoever made the clip above should migrate to Afghanistan and have Taliban law enforced on them. It's not all shooting women with no burqa or stoning 15 year old girls you know... Some of the benefits of Talibanism is that it's a law that your wife surrender herself to sex every four days. I respect the opinion of people who agrees with the clip as they are entitled to their thoughts but this is exactly the backward thinking that caused the fall of Islamic civilizations.

Get it right folks. Dogs are not haram. Bribery and corruption is haram. Loving, touching and taking care of dogs is not haram. Pre marital sex is haram. So is eating pork but pigs are not haram. If you won't take my words for it, you can refer to the former Mufti of Perlis, Ustaz Asri:

The sama' (or samak) procedure haven't been updated for centuries. During the time of Rasulullah, to prevent rabies from infecting human beings, he instructed his followers to wash their hands once with clay and six more times with water because they didn't have Dettol or anti-bacterial soap those days. If you're thinking "Well, we should abide Rasulullah's every action to the latter" then the internet would be unfavourable because Rasulullah used massengers on horses to relay messages and information.
Two words: revelation and reason. The reason why Rasulullah formulated the sama' technique was to ensure our cleanliness and with today's technology, cleaning up is super convenient. Why is the fiqh rule on this not updated? Because Muftis in Malaysia are busy banning masculine attire to be worn by muslim women and Pokemon.

Dogs contribution to muslims and the Islamic world are undeniable and it's sad that we demonize them because of one story about the angel who refuse to come into a woman's house because of a stray dog hiding in it. Haven't you heard about Qitmir, the dog who took care of his God fearing master and his followers by guiding them into a cave called Kahf to escape the cruel Quraisy king, Dacius. Qitmir then guarded the cave for hundreds of years while its master slept.

After a while the king approached the cave and found the men and their dog asleep. The sight made him believe their story and he decided to build a mosque at the spot in respect of the miracle that had occurred at this place. The Holy Quran says: And they stayed in the Cave three hundred years and add nine (more). Surah Al-Kahf, 18 : 25

Until today, dogs are an intergral part of human life.

Dogs can even help autistic children to communicate.

Most importantly, they could give what we human need the most: love and attention.

In a nutshell, I'm getting a Labrador whether you like it or not! Even if it is against the wishes of my elders (because of their misconceptions), it's not against my religion!


farahrozhan said...

Did you just get Yasmin Ahmad to get you to call her? Phewh.

mlle said...

Dulu I've asked several Muslim friends of mine regarding dog in Islam (and still asking today whenever I have a chance), each of them giving me very different explanations. One of the opinions echoes yours in some way so I think your view is not that isolated after all. Many thanks for this enlightening piece, cheers for Labrador! :)

Anonymous said...

wow! bravo afiq! the question ive been wondering my whole life...but my friends n family dont get me..i LOVE dogs..i think theyre cute!! and as a muslim, arent we suppose to take care of the animals? and not take sides? its like us humans choosing our friends...nak kawan dgn melayu ke cina? i think its just the mentality of muslim in our culture..but anyway, GOOD JOB!

p.s: oh, what if we touch the dogs tongue? or when the dog is wet? do we have to sama'?

Nz said...

Having a dog as a pet is prohibitively disliked (makruh tahriman). However, there is no harm in acquiring a hunting dog, or a guard dog to protect one’s sheep or property. [Al-Hadiyyah al-’Alaiyyah 347]

It is related by Abu Huraira (Allah be well pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Whoever acquires a dog, with the exception of a dog for hunting, or guarding sheep, or protecting the harvest, then a large portion of his reward will be diminished every day.” [Reported by Bukhari and Muslim]

Abu Talha relates (Allah be well pleased with him), that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “The angels do not enter a house that has a dog or a picture.” [Reported by Bukhari and Muslim]

It is mentioned in al-Fatawa al-Hindiyya, that one should not keep a dog unless they fear a thief or fear anything else. One should know that acquiring a dog for guarding is legally permissible, as is acquiring a dog for hunting or for protecting the harvest and livestock. [5:362]

It is said that the germs in dog's saliva wont go away no matter what chemicals you use , but they will only wash out if you use the 1 portion of pure soil and 6 potion of water as a cleaning method. Saya cuma boleh cakap 'it is said' jelah sebab nak cari sumber yg betul2 boleh meyakinkan semua orang tak jumpa. Tau ni pun sebab suka bukak yahoo answers dulu.

Islam tu kan relevan sepanjang zaman, bukan semua perkara boleh diubah sewenang-wenangnya. Jangan manipulasikan hukum untuk memenuhi keinginan diri sendiri.

Saya pun suka anjing jugak, tapi setiap suruhan dan larangan yang Allah tentukan tu kan ada hikmahnya...kita sebagai manusia ni kenalah belajar kenapa boleh dan tak boleh, kalau ikut je tapi tak tau apa2 bila non-muslim tanya karang tergagap-gagap pulak nak menjawab ye tak..

ni ada link utk penerangan & soal jawab yg bagus kalau nak baca:

Afiq Deen said...

Eh guys, why are u deleting your comments?

What's that about Yasmin Ahmad calling me? Why would she call me?

I don't understand.... What just happened???

Nz said...

1st comment tadi kan yasmin ahmad yg post. U belum baca eh? Then lps sy comment dia cakap abu hurairah yg dikatakan menyebabkan confusion pasal anjing ni. kalo tak silap dia cakap nak selidik lagi. pastu kenapa dia delete entah

Afiq Deen said...

Anyway... Hey ping, Islam is never against any animals. Even the practice of killing geckos (cicak) on Friday night that is supposedly sunat is disputable.

Anonymous, we have to wash ourselves when we touched dogs when they are wet or their saliva. Samak la.

Nz, I love dogs, whether it is makruh or not. Just like I like budu (which is also makruh, mind you)

Islam is relevant no matter what, I admit that but old laws can be contested so new and more effective laws can improve the quality of muslims' lives. Fiqh rules change all the time to accomodate new needs and technology. If I'm manipulating hukum, you are also doing the same thing by implying that Islam is a stagnant religion. I'm not in position to judge, but isn't that a greater sin?

Akmal Azeman said...

When I was 15, i once read an article about the sama' method. A curious western scientist who wished to tarnish Islam with this whole dog/pig sama' thingy did an experiment upon the very method. Astonishingly, result sokong what had been said previously by Nz. The scientist later convert to Islam. I do not recall the name of the scientist but it is one of those articles that I read many years ago but still remember it.

The idea that you mentioned that the Prophet would do the very same thing as the Bilal in the Gubra did does not make it a legal thing for us Muslims. I took revelation as the source of knowledge this sem, and from what I've learnt, in order to interpret the Prophet's doings, deeds and actions (sunnah/hadith), we must learn the reasons behind it, why was it being done and when was it being done. If the Prophet should do the same, then he is telling us that dogs are also the creature of Allah n we should never harm it.

Dogs are prominant during war time and during the days of the Prophet for guarding. I once read a book of an Afghanistan girl, written by Thura (a Muslim), about her life during the war and that that her family had kept a dog for guarding purposes. From my opinion, this is applicable for the timing for such action was highly in need. But if its the case of desire and wants, that is when everything goes wrong.

But the problem nowadays is that, due to hygiene matter, most Muslims treat dogs as if they are a disease. It is the treating that is wrong as well as keeping it as a pet as a one's delight.

Akmal Azeman said...

owh. btw afiq, she actually left u her phone no. the 2nd n 3rd was mine actually. i deleted it becos i feel the need to have a bit more time to mull the thing over and i was very afraid that i was passing wrong info. sori for that. cheers!

z.m said...

pelik yer got delete2 comments in your blog. so not afiq. anyway i think it is makruh. unless u gotta have a dog for reasons that can not be avoided lain cerita la. but in terms hating dogs, mmg takda basis la. takda pun mana2 dlm quran kata suruh benci anjing.

Nz said...

I have no intention on saying that Islam is a stagnant religion. Saya cuma cakap bukan semua perkara boleh diubah, BUKAN SEMUA. Which means ada yg patut disesuaikan dgn peredaran zaman dan ada yg tidak. Kalau betullah hanya air tanah yg boleh mematikan kuman dalam air liur anjing tu, tak bolehlah cuci dgn anti-bacterial soap saja kan?

Afiq Deen said...

So far no research on that yet when I checked the research portal in UIA so you cannot assume that clay is a more effective cleaning solution, could you?

And there are now clay soaps that are available in today's market. The issue here is NZ, why are we malays muslim have this deep contempt towards dogs in general?

It has been going on since I can remember and people are doing all kind of atrocities to dogs because they say it is instructed and implied in Islam.

This is the issue here. Not petty details about hygene and the reason why we have dogs as pets.

But since you asked, I want to get a labrador so it can guard my house, play catch, jalan-jalan dekat taman, bawak pergi pantai, and stuff like that lah...

Afiq Deen said...

and dont worry guys, Yasmin already emailed me her phone number.. korang plak gelabah... haha

meorsoleh said...

IMO, Islam teaching are more into "preventive" measure rather than cure. If you were saying using dettol to clean is the same as 'samak'; or use clay soap, why not permit sex before marriage when one can always 'sterilize' themselves or use other widely available anti pregnancy methods? STDs? we have antibiotics.

Of course, some act have more consequence than we actually know, multiple chronic latent STDs, family and inheritance problem etcetera. And of course, Allah knows the best.... (I'm not being conservative)

but of course, that wasn't the main issue here.....

On behalf your interest in having dog(s) as pet(s), I'd say it's quite a risky business. Not only because it is against Malay culture, makruh etc, also there is a long list of diseases caused or transmitted by dogs. (see wikipedia).

Furthermore, isn't will trouble you a lot? To keep its hygiene, to face people perception, reaction etc. What if it licks your house, your floor? You might doesn't mind to 'samak', but if other people belonging get involved, they do mind.

However, it does sadden me to know that the Malay Muslim misunderstand the act "to reduce contact" as killing or torture them...

Akmal Azeman said...

owh rite! may share a story with the rest? the thing kinda slipped off my head the other nyte.

here in gombak, at one of the urban hill areas, there lived an old lady in a huge house. she was very afraid of the burglers so she thought of having geese to protect her safety and guard her property. but the burglers outwitted the geese n broke their necks. this caused her to b more very afraid so she opted for a dog as her guard. the irony is that, the dog protected her property alryte but it was her mad/crazy son that killed her in the end. such as a sad mesochistic story. btw. u could see the view of her house at the area of the Pha Pha Seafood Restaurant.

p/s: u never failed to surprise me. evn though i secretly wish for a dog as a pet, there is nothing that i'd do to have one. i am thankful enough to be whr i am at the moment, a Muslim. I am no saint n i even had a hard time to carry out one of the simplest tasks (eg: praying on time, cover myself up properly or evn lowering my gaze, i mean, whn a hot shirtless guy is dancing in front of me, its very hard not to look) let alone having a dog to play catch n bwk g jln2. i'd rather buy a kangaroo man. all in all, just my tots.

AM said...

Very good point. Our society does view dogs with extreme malice and disgust and this truly contradicts Islam's view on treatment of all creatures on earth.

However, your argument on anti-bacterial soap is dangerous and falls on many levels. First you have made an incorrect assumption on the reasons for the sama'. It may be, as you say it, "to prevent infection" but it may also be for other reasons that we humans have not discovered (or will never discover). The same goes to eating pork. Although there are countless researches done by many scientists to show the "dangers" of consuming pork, the lives of people who DO eat them presents an even stronger evidence of the "safeness" of its consumption. So, it is dangerous to justify every single command in Islam from a scientific point of view. Some of these are simply beyond our comprehension.

The second reason why your point on anti bacterial soap falls is because rabies are caused by viruses, not bacteria :)

Anoneemus™ said...

I've always wanted a Siberian Husky!

lalala said...

*Afiq is on hot seat*

Adian said...

I'm called to voice my humble opinion regarding this matter. I once remember an old saying that the forbidding of dogs and pigs rooted from an incident during The Great Flood (Prophet Nuh), in which dogs and pigs were said to do something that the prophet forbid all the animals to do. I'm not really sure what is IT that they did, but alas, Allah forbid human to touch them from thereon.

And the anti-bacterial soap argument is wrong too. I once heard a ceramah from ustaz+doctor that quoted an experiment from a western scientist regarding the "bacteria" from pigs/dogs that won't die even after being boiled and such, BUT DIE after it accidentally fell on earth (soil).

But qitmir is a true story, the same goes to the story of a prostitute's sin being forgiven after serving water to a thirsty dog. This demonstrate that we should NOT stop doing good deeds to dogs, just don't touch them. Rules are created for a reason, not to be broken.

Just my 2 cen.

Afiq Deen said...

Still about touching dogs eh?

My neighbours kept dogs as pets and when they go on vacation, they would let theirs roam free arond the neighbourhood for weeks.

Because the dogs weren't fed, they would look for food in rubbish bins and this caused the sampah to berterabur. Because of this, the mostly malay neighbours would throw stones at the dogs whenever the dogs were in sight. I gave leftovers outside the house but was scolded by a neighbour. She told me stop give the dogs food so they would die and leave the neighbourhood dog free again.

A week later all the dogs in the neighbourhood were shot by the authorities. This happened at Sabah. They shot the dogs because i think there were no NGO that give shelter to stray dogs..

Zzaffa said...

Boleh je pegang tapi kena samak. Zaman rasulullah kalau anjing dipakai untuk diburu bukan pegang je, siap gigit lagi. Apa susah, basuh je.

Takyah la avoid-avoid macam tak boleh pegang. Cam poyo je. Sah tak benci anjing. Nampak sgt anti ciptaan tuhan bergelar anjing atau anjingfobia.

Yasz said...

Hey go get that labrador man..dey are just awesome.My neighbour(a Chinese) has one labrador but hardly ever lets the dog out for a walk. How sad and the dog does look a lil sad anyways.

Back to the Muslim & Dog issue, I got something to share.

I used to have a chat friend from Turkey and he's a Muslim of course.I remember he once told me that when he was young, he used to have a dog as a pet and he's really into dogs. I'm not sure he kept the animal in the house or what, but the point is here, aren't Malay Muslim making such a big fuss about having dogs as pet? If other Muslim people like my Turkish friend is cool about it, why can't we just be as open as them?Sheesh..

I love 'em dogs and if I have a house with a big compound, I'll definitely get one of them.

Afiq Deen said...

I know what you mean yasz. Commenters who commented on the technical aspects of dog touching havent had the chance to be friendly with dogs. Its not hard to decipher these things. It's not their fault either because of the culture here.

And some would probably want to comment to tell you that turkish are secular muslims. Blablabla.. So very predictable la ppl sometimes.


If you have to get a pet, get it from the RSPCA or PAWS or whateva animal shelter... Kesian diaorang... yups binatang pun makhluk yang dicipta khaliq. Avoid getting from pet shops... Save the animals.. harap disisi AlKhaliq akan jadi akhlaq yang mulia oleh makhluq baik manusia atau anjing... Amin

Nz said...

I dont have any problem with you wanting a dog as a pet, cuz it's your choice and from the hadith, it's not haram. And please don't assume i'm like those typical malays yg suka baling batu kat anjing tu semua cuz well, i'm not and Insya Allah i wouldnt do such things. Till then, have a nice life.

Afiq Deen said...

Jangan perasan please...

mlle said...

kesian Afiq, kena layan emo girl(s?, and may be guys as well) and 'very-good-muslims''s comments and 'retaliations'.
wish u all the best on ur temporary nomadic life (though i have no idea what it is^^)!

Anonymous said...

Yasz - yeah, the Turks are really the sort of Muslims we should emulate, right? Why stop there? Let's ban headscarves in government offices and universities while we're at it.

Afiq Deen said...

What are you saying anonymous? That loving dogs like any other god's creature is a sin. And for your information, turkey no longer ban hijjab. Even Erdogan's (turkey's prime minister) wife dons the hijjab.

Anonymous said...

It is still banned. Their highest court upheld the ban calling the changes unconstitutional.

And don't be so defensive - no way was I saying that loving dogs is a sin. I was just annoyed with yasz's comments. (S)he chats with a single Turk and suddenly Turks are the coolest Muslims. Has (s)he ever even been to Turkey? I hate generalisations..

Afiq Deen said...

Like Malaysia is an 'Islamic state' even though we're technically a secular country under the constitution.

I'm being defensive because it will make you rationalize your points (which you did).

I was talking to my cousin't tuition teacher and she told me she thought that touching dogs is forbidden in Islam. I explained to her that we can but we have to clean our hands afterwards and its not a big deal at all.

KakaXY said...


Anonymous said...

" malay muslims hatred towards dogs is strictly a cultural thing."

generalizing is a cause for trouble i have to say. not all Malay Muslims hate dogs. i don't even know if we're suppose to hate them, my sis and i love dogs. i believe there are lots of people who don't HATE dogs, but just because of the religion, they stay away from it, not enough to kill them or beat them.
HATE is a strong word, and not everyone have that much feelings towards dogs (at least i never said i hate dog even when they tried to chase me T T i run!!)

njh said...

eh? i thought dogs boleh pegang (without having to sama') cuma if they're wet je kena sama'? kecik kecik selalu je selamba pat dogs. i especially love the ones yang mcm takde kaki.

(need clarifications so fire away people)

Moon said...

i don't know what everyone is getting SSOOOOO worked up about. Worked up a bit is fine, but seriously, i agree with you. What's wrong with dogs aside from the fact of sama' hassle?

Moon said...

although personally i won't have one. haha. i think dogs are cute and adorable and friendly, but its too much hassle for me.

1412 said...

Haven't seen any words in Quran and any books stating that touching a dog or pig is forbidden.

Yang ada pun, hanya fasal makan. Yang itu memang forbid.

lipan said...

salam..actually aku setuju sdikit dgan beberpa point ko...but watch out ur word bro, Islam tu adalah sempurna dan undang2 yang telah di tetapkn oleh Allah adalah adil dan sentiase relevan spnjang zaman..apabila kamu menidakn apa yang telah tetapkan oleh Allah S.W.T. samalah seperti kamu tiada keyakinan thdap apa yang tlah dittpkn oleh Allah S.W.T. Aku tanye ko le bro..Non Muslim Doktor makan babi tak???Ko tau tak dengan air tanah sajelah kuman2 tu dapat dihapuskan..Siapa yg invent dettol tuh???Siapa yang jadikn Tanah tuh???Berhati2lah semasa menulis...berkata2lh dengan meggnakan akal yg penuh dgan sumber2 ilmiah..bukan dgan menggunakan perasaan...terlajak tulis boleh Backspace, terlajak Enter tanggung sendiri....

mariam said...

just my pendapat, as long as bela anjing malaikat tak masuk, so y nak jadikan anjing as a pet. lagi satu as a guard untuk umah or untuk jaga diri, so what the use of ayat qursi n ayat2 quran yang lain, that ayat kan untuk jaga rumah, jaga diri semua. n i got the story,my uncle before maghrib everyday baca ayat qursi 7 kali sambil keliling rumah, n then pencuri masuk n terperangkap n tak boleh keluar. so inshaallah if kita pegang dengan ayat2 quran n hukum2 allah, our life akan selamat.
just benda yang kita tak confirm or waswas better not to do. if ask me i suka anjing ke tak, of course i luv dog but perasaan waswas still ader. and lagi satu jangan samakan dengan orang arab, cause mazhab dia lain, solat pon boleh pegang anak. boleh buat benda lain masa solat. mazhab shafiee dibenarkan ke buat macam tuh?? takkan.. so just think about that k..

Afiq Deen said...

I'm planning to keep a dog and have it sleep outside in a dog house so it can guard the house.

don't be stupid mariam, if what u say is possible, banks can just employ anyone who can recite ayat qursi. If you think the quran should be used as magical tool, by all means.. But i just think the quran can do much more than that, not only as 'penghadang'.

This morning, my aunt's neighbours became victims of theft. If i listen to your islamic advice, instead of employing a security guard or organize a nightwatch, we could all just circle around the neighbourhood while reading ayat qursi.

kena ada usaha baru tawakal. Without both, tak guna la kita sebagai orang islam kalau tak praktikkan agama sendiri

farhan said...


i haven't watched gubra but judging from the vid it looks like it will, and probably has, rubbed many people the wrong way. malaysia is developing but at the end of the day, the majority of people here are muslims and we do adhere to the strictest mazhab in islam. there are many things that are taboo and i think yasmin ahmad has pushed the envelope a little bit too far. geli tengok those bedroom/shower scenes.

if i'm not mistaken you said you wanted a labrador. if it is true that you want to have the dog as a guard and not a pet than why not just buy the fiercer dog than the 'man's-best-friend' type like the said lab?

my neighbours back in connecticut kept rottweilers in large individual pens in their back yard, so they don't have to walk the dogs at all. they have all the room they need and are there purely for security reasons. of course, they are stinking rich and have a large land.

i'm not saying i'm right or anything but as muslims, i think what mariam said is true; that if there are still doubts than it's better to avoid keeping dogs altogether. there can be other kinds of 'usaha' like you said. in the end installing a high quality security sysytem will be cheaper than the cost of keeping a dog anyways.

i believe there is a type of kias syaria'h that applies to this whole keep-dog-or-not issue. i can't really remember what's it called but it ends with the word zaraai', which means closing roads/ways. what that implies is to avoid doing something that hasn't been confirmed by the syaria'h law as legit or not, as it might bring someone to sinning.

and i say it all with only my best intentions.

Afiq Deen said...

I would like to thank all the commenters for voicing out your opinions and sharing your knowledge to the muslim world.

This small matter, although exaggerated by certain parties is considered as a grey subject, meaning there's no direct fiqh or answer that could validate any claims.

it's the same like the eating a cooked dish that has white wine. Some very conservative muslim would think that it is haram but when backed by reason, the alcohol in white wine will disintergrate and will not have an effect that could possibility make people who eats it to get drunk. alcohol is haram when consumed to get drunk. it has other uses like for perfume, listerine, medicine etc that is useful and not haram.

cikgu ina said...

I'm a malay muslim, and I have 2 dogs. They have their own doghouse out in the back yard, and i have a lubang i gali to get out clay/earth to samak after feeding them, cleaning the doghouse, and letting them run around the compound. generally i think malays hate dogs because of ignorance...or maybe bcos we are brought up being disciplined through irrational fear. like...pegilah sana, nanti hantu ambik. pegilah, nanti anjing tu gigit. buatlah, nanti (insert bodypart) tercabut. our parents and grandparents taught morals and lessons thru fear, which is trying to be relayed to us. i have a kid of my own and live with my mom. i let the kid touch the dog, while my mom shouts at her bcos the anjing will bite her. seriously? dogs are the least of our problems. good post by the way

Ap said...

I’m new to all these blog stuff..
I can’t help but to view my opinions as well - seeing some rather nonsensical comments as well as some wise ones..

I noticed Afiq talking about wine in dishes.. Well, 1st of all, I want to clarify that I am NOT a very conservative muslim.. I have my beliefs and am holding tight onto it k? Islam actually forbids us from consuming arak not JUST because it causes mabuk but it has lotsa malignant effects.. It is narcotic and it can cause even lotsa diseases - blindness, death!, etc.. If the case here is ONLY getting drunk, then you are referring to the nas before it has been nasakh.. Ok, then, if the case here is that the alcohol disintegrates and its chemical contents are not the same anymore, why are we not eating cooked babi? It’s general knowledge that a substance will USUALLY react when it is heated so, what is stopping pork from reacting and getting its chemical contents altered? If the chemical contents are not of the orginal babi’s, shouldn’t we be allowed to it it? Well then, kindly refer to the fact that Islam forbids something because it causes darurah(malignance)..

Then comes to the issue of the uses alcohol in medicine.. Why is alcohol allowed to be used in this field? Why is it any difference from culinary? Well, again, Islam forbids something because it causes darurah.. And when we encounter 2 different darurahs, Islam asks us to think, to compare, to contrast, which darurah is greater.. If darurah A is greater, then choose the latter.. The same goes for this issue.. We encounter the darurah of alcohol and the darurah of suffering from diseases.. N from the views of ulama’, alcohol is now the lesser darurah.. Therefore alcohol is permitted in medicine..

Ok..ok.. I know..
I nagged a lot just now.. n what I nagged was actually out of the topic.. blablabla.. ok.. so now im getting into the topic.. Anjing? I don’t hate dogs.. My friends don’t hate dogs.. But we do fear they will bite us though.. haha.. It’s true, Islam teaches us to respect and be kind to other creatures including dogs and pigs.. But we do have to samak if we touch dogs n pigs (n bukankah our mazhab shafie ckap bulu yang kering pon kna samak?) To me, this issue still refers back to the facts that Islam forbids sth because it causes darurah.. So, in this issue, it all depends on the reasons.. If its for safety then ok (slain anjing xdak cara lain ka?) but if its for self pleasure, then u must consider a few situations first before keeping a dog:
i) Your neighbours, whether they are comfortable with a dog in their neighbourhood (in Turkey xpa laaa).. If the issue is Islam, then you must respect your neighbours’ best interests.. dosa kot..
ii) Yourself, whether you are sure you can keep yourself in the best hygiene.. N when I talk about hygiene, I am not just referring to your body but also your clothes.. You must be ready to samak a lot of your clothes k? :D

Fwahhhhh.. very ltih tlih bnda ni.. Again, I am not a very conservative Muslim.. I have my shares of flaws and sinssssssssssssssssssssss.. I do many things which are not very Islamic but in this issue, I go for ‘be kind to anjings and babis but keeping them? not sth I would likely do..’ This is juz my opinion.. No hard feelings k?
PS: bengap sgguh bdk y ckap plindungan leh dgn bca ayat kursi sja.. hahaha.. usaha kna ada la woii.. klaw x cena tuhan nk tlong!! hahahahahaha.. budak kolah cam aku pn taw y 2!!!

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Anonymous said...

Meaning to say that Islam is a ridiculous religion...n pilih kasih kat haiwan..hahaha..God created dog too u know....anything that God created must be appreciated..even the babi that u muslim owez terrified...
about the haram not haram thing...jenayah..hasut...rasuah..these thing r the most haram thing...compared to touching a dog...
...sorry coz i maybe sounded too emotional..coz i hated muslim people sooo badly coz they owez discriminating other religion..hohohohohoohhoo...n owez force the non- to convert...i hated this!!!!

Anonymous said...

Meaning to say that Islam is a ridiculous religion...n pilih kasih kat haiwan..hahaha..God created dog too u know....anything that God created must be appreciated..even the babi that u muslim owez terrified...
about the haram not haram thing...jenayah..hasut...rasuah..these thing r the most haram thing...compared to touching a dog...
...sorry coz i maybe sounded too emotional..coz i hated muslim people sooo badly coz they owez discriminating other religion..hohohohohoohhoo...n owez force the non- to convert...i hated this!!!!

Anonymous said...

Meaning to say that Islam is a ridiculous religion...n pilih kasih kat haiwan..hahaha..God created dog too u know....anything that God created must be appreciated..even the babi that u muslim owez terrified...
about the haram not haram thing...jenayah..hasut...rasuah..these thing r the most haram thing...compared to touching a dog...
...sorry coz i maybe sounded too emotional..coz i hated muslim people sooo badly coz they owez discriminating other religion..hohohohohoohhoo...n owez force the non- to convert...i hated this!!!!

khairie said...

i concur with your post, Afiq. dogs are not haram, we malays always have the fallacy regarding this matter and it's becoming worse by days. yes, we muslims can adopt dogs to raise as pet, there is nothing wrong with that, but keep 'em outside of the house for the angels to come inside, because the angels won't do that if there are dogs (inside).

and there's nothing wrong to give pats either, if the both sides are dry (or both wet), then it's okay. dogs as well as pigs are considered as dirty because of their temperament. why dogs are considered dirty? it's because they don't sweat like us humans, so they let out the heat by their mouths via saliva. that might explains why they always keep their mouth open. and the saliva one way or another is dirty. so that's why i suggest keeping them outside of the house.

but yea, there are a lot of things to ponder if you really want to adopt a dog. taking points from some of the commentators here, you have to make sure that it (dog) won't make the neighbors feel affronted with their presence and yea the hygiene too. just be sure that you're totally ready for it.

and ah! great post Afiq, all the best.

hamba allah said...

You can keep a dog.
Just samak your hands after touching one.
"Taharah" soap can be used according the a local fatwa.

Samak: One time with clay/sand/dirt/Taharah soap and 6 times with water.

So far, no ijtihad had been made to replace the practice of samak in any Islamic govt. It is not difficult to follow.

Anonymous said...


first n 4most, good entry

im confused y most people still thk dat malays are afraid of the dogs?hurmm~~

no offense but i think the best would be the ap's explanation..i love dogs but i would neva adopt kinda scary how "urban" the muslims are now which we can see from the way they twisted sumthing that stated in the quran to fit their best interest..

btw, klu suke xsmstinya kna bela kan?one thing u can do is jdk volunteer kat rspca.dpt pahala lg..

ps: pls dont call me stupid as this is just my sincere harmless as it is..if u dont like it just ignore and live ur life as u wanted to. May ALLAH bless us muslims~

Shuhada Shah said...

Hi there

Since I was a little girl I always want a dog. A German Sherpard. Hihi
By the way,I learn so many thing from from your post. =)

| Myra | Anna | Neza | said...

im currently in alexandria, egypt, and i see people walk their dogs here.
my senior told me that the mazhab here allow people to have dogs as pet, as long as they din touch 'em dkat area2 yg basah eg nose, mouth etc.
ok honestly i din rly check whether what my senior told me is true or not, and im not rly sure whether the ppl i saw are actually muslim or not, but just for fyi :)

p/s: sorry if redundant. i'm way too lazy to read the others' comments :P

Anonymous said...

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