Two Decades Later

Turning twenty is surprisingly twenty-ish. I woke up twenty, did 15 laps, followed Umi to the site, read The Impressionist while waiting to be officially twenty.
My twentieth birthday was pretty normal. Nope, very normal. There were no expectations, no surprises, no drama and notably no teenage angst.
When I was 19, I rode my bike when it was raining heavily and had gotten myself 'tribal' with the raingod. Hah.
When I was 18 I woke up early in the morning and read a cheap novel by a komodo dragon infested lake.
When I was 17, I bought 5 kinds of ABC at the Pasar Malam and finished all of them while watching porn.
When I was 16, I sulked during my birthday, contemplated suicide because I felt like I'd achieved nothing on the much-commercialized sweet 16.
To celebrate, we had dinner at Atmosphere, a revolving restaurant at Yayasan Sabah. It revolved! Coolness. I took dozens of photos of the Restaurant, being the usual photo Jakun. No one seems to care. So click-click away lah. Pedulik.
I ordered something weird. Something kononnya exquisite.
This dish's name is err... matured lamb something something something with lamb juice and something cheese. The New Zealand imported lamb was chilled during its journey, making the lamb a bit more seasoned in taste and smell. Served with blue cheese, baby tomatos, foei gras, poached dalca, honey and the usual mint sauce. When every bite I'd taken cost 10 ringgit each, the meal is sure to be delicious (even when it's not)
My 15 year old Hadi is undergoing the famous Deen brothers tantrum, throwing sarcastic remarks and tossing inconceivable slurs. He was particularly annoying that night so I'd warned him beforehand: "Anymore ruckus from you and I'll make sure this twenty year old foot grace your 15 year old face."
And cheesecake. Once again, cheese reigns supreme! As I finished my second helping of cheesecake, I scribbled something on my DayPlanner: Tomorrow, swim 20 laps.


missnadira said...

oh..happy 20th birthday Afiq..welcome to the club! =)

hanyhany said...

Happy 20th,

Here's to another 20 more years to come :)

syima said...

ini kira very ordinary kah? hehe

happy 20th =)

Hafidz Baharom said...

happy birthday and here's to wishing you have many more to come...

excuse me while I order a!

Syazwina Saw said...

Here's something I learned about the Conditions of Death (based on ahadeeth and bermursyid):

With every step we take in this world, the earth's core is screaming out for our name. They are waiting for the day when we will be returned to dust.

'Makin lanjut umur, makin dekat dengan kubur!'

Many happy returns.

Anonymous said...

Oooo baru 20 tahun.

You are yet to see the World.

Selamat Ingat Mati !

afiq said...

Err... Thanks everyone!

Selamat Ingat Mati? Haha...

raihan said...

cant believe tht you're 20.
*no, im not saying tht u look old...but u look so matured*

happy 20th Birthday.
say bye-bye to __teen.


'aTiQaH SHaH R.d said...

I have had such a great time reading ur blog, thinking ur dis matured observer, when u just got out of ur teen years!!...ho hum... welcome to the land of "10-years-to-go-b4-hitting-middle-age "


afiq said...


mirul said...

i guess u'd have to see less glory holes in order to commemorate your 20th birthay.