My Beachy Weekend

Bay Beacon
The Impressionist
Vacant Chairs (except mine lah)
and his Abang
Selipar Bata


mirul said...

dont forget ur sunblocky.

mirul again said...

and since u like books so much, try reading nahjul balaghah, by imam ali RA. i wanna know what u think about it :)

Jannah said...

i know where this is! karambunai! kan? :)

afiq said...

yea betullll

adora said...

lovely pictures uve got.
my fav has got to be the bata slippers haha;p
btw, ur blog's swell:)

hanyhany said...


As in the art movement, or something else different altogether?

Speaking of books, what kind are you into?

afiq said...

Any kind..