A few days ago, Umi gave her usual car-ride lecture about Iman. Alamak. Another incoming spiritual intervention.
1. The first Iman is Iman Pak Turut. It is the state of Iman where one blindly justifies oneself through religion by enforcing traditional practice. Blind Faith. This type of Iman will appear to be autocratic and repetitive. People who embody this type of Iman will not question anything taught or imposed by higher religious authorities.
2. The second type of Iman is the Iman Cerdik. People with this type of Iman are very knowledgable about Islam and acknowledged the beauty and mystery beneath it. The only thing troubling about people with this type of Iman is they don't fully practice Islam. They think of Islam as a faith of the mind. "As long as I know it, I'm embodying it."
3. The third type is the Iman is Iman. It is faith and action concocted in a periuk of asam and ikan. It is also the passage to a higher enlightenment, Taqwa.
Well then, which one is your Iman?


farahshila said...

i think im the Iman Cerdik one...
wooohooo~~~~ confident heh? yup think so. :-)

what's yours heh apik?

afiq said...

the only valid Iman is err.... iman.

Iman cerdik tu is not considered as Iman.

It's dangerous to only think about Islam because it will tip the balance of faith. Many a times that people got themselves in trouble by accepting new relevance and concept and as it turned out, those new thoughts are deviant to the real teaching of Islam.