Mak Nyah

"Tengok u uollss~~~ anak ikan!"
"Mana U?"
"Tu hah~"
"Tak taste lah I."
So please, be my guest, how am I supposed to treat these people with undivided understanding of personality diversity.
The term I used: "These People" is cruel. It undermines their choice of lifestyle. It disrespects their freedom of expression. But it seems right.
If you're about to accuse me of being homophobic (which is downright merepek) I'll point out why I can't stand Mak Nyahs:
It is to be understood that most MakNyah came from poor families, mostly from Kampungs and Pekan and their level of civility is in dire need of education. A My Fair Lady makeover perhaps? If for whatever reason they are imposed to acts of civility, they will do very little to echo it.
They are extremely judgemental. There's no sign of hush whenever they are around, commenting on guys they fancy, judging their sense of becoming and guessing their endowment. There's nothing more irritating than that. Imagine when such a thing happens to you, when a group of MakNyah berbisik-bisik behind your back, loud enough for you to notice, low enough to keep you guessing. But surprisingly, they hate to be judged. "Uolsss tengok luaran je tapi hati I ni, hati I baik, hati I penyayang." Hmph.
Most of them are promiscuous. Most of them are prostitutes. Some of them are A-listers, getting comfy invites to back seats of VIP's Benz. Some of them are Cikai-listers, falling into the arms of old Chinaman and Broke Rempits. Most of them are promiscuous. I look down on voluntary prostitutes but I've never have the heart to show it. So why would MakNyahs be any different in this sense?
They are superficial. One of their passion is to personify Divas by dressing up and perform like them. But unlike real Divas, they lack the reality of Diva-electricity. Diva is a term used when a seemingly weak symbol prevails in a show of confidence and endurance. They are merely fashion victims, falling into the hands of Dolce and Gabbana and Prada. Victims of their self-victimized soul, victimized again by currency-affected fashion products.
They are human beings. With Attention Deficit Disoder. Enough said.
But they ARE humans. They are a sector of society. They deserve equal treatment. They are not too hard to understand, really. They may think they were put into the wrong bodies by God, but trust me, their way of thinking isn't any different from the rest of us men. The only difference being, they are too egoistic to confront their personality disoder and decided to be adamant with their confused psychological state.
We all have problems. Problems that needs confronting. Before it devours our sanity, leaving bits and pieces of BigLifeMistakesStories.


(nothingness) said...

such an ironic, post.

how do u suggest 'they' confront their personality disorders though ? or any one of ours really ?

Miss Aida said...

I like the way you put things. It's an entirely different way of looking at the whole situation I suppose.

I think at the end of the day, no one wants to be judged. However, minorities tend to be more sensitive about judging anyway.

afiq said...

How. Muhasabah diri and professional help.

You knowlah men, and their ego... (maknyah or otherwise)

Nurlea Laurielle said...

Question: Why must MY picture be in this posting? Are you trying to say or prove anything?

Adakah you are trying to say all Mak Nyah's are equal? Owh and BTW - Nurlea Laurielle is not a maknyah; she's just another boy in a dress...

And of all gambar2 why mine? and why that pic? You could take the recent ones, hehehehe - yang tu pix lama... hehe

And by the way - great way of expressing your throughts but I just wished that u could be a little bit open up about this matter. Ade bad history gamaknye kot? Hmmm

Anyways, would appreciate if u could remove my pix... Thanks


Poh Si Teng said...

I just completed a documentary about Muslim transsexual sex workers in Malaysia.

It will be screened on Saturday, 6 September.