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When I heard the news of several european countries banning witchcraft activities and highlighted how witches are still being murdered in several countries (Malaysia included) I thought "There goes the roots of humanity."

Witchcraft is also practiced in Malaysia by Bomohs and Ustazs. Oh yes, Ustazs. You 'modern' people would think witchcraft is a pile superstitious mankydot but by all means, it'd worked wonders. Why you ask? Well, nature is the sustenance of life and has been used in medicine to cure all physical illnesses. Nature could also be harvested for herbs and spices that could render one's state of mind, manipulating emotions and distracting pain.
Bomohs are descendants of people who had worked with nature and its virtues to harvest and discover the enigma of nature's product. Throughout decades, Bomohs had passed on their knowledge to younger generations to help the hardy and poor. As Bomohs dwells in a realm of jinns and trees, they are more intuitive and sensitive to human emotions, honing their treatment methods. But why is it that Bomohs has a destructive image in the Malaysian society?

For starters, most of them had engulfed themselves with eternal greed. Instead of using their knowledge to cure illnesses, they'd often caused them when rivalry seeks a bitter end. Money, money and lust. Bomohs nowadays are also prone of using jinns' help instead of natural remedies like herbs and spices. Yelah, shortcut. It's easier when using jinns but the downside of it is that lives are to be sacrificed to make certain spells work. Like mixing chicken blood or boiling a pregnant cat or cremate a dead dog.
Interestingly though, Bomoh's spells won't work if the person whom the spell was casted upon never miss his/her prayers or simply refuse to believe in superstitions. That is because the human brain is much more powerful to resist or be manipulated by spiritual or physical extortions.
Well let's just say that when we get older, we will garner friends and enemies. And if you're unfortunate, your enemies (especially when they're malay) will send you a couple of Ah Long Jinns to make your life miserable. You can resist these attacks but the jinns will remain in your conscience until you seek spiritual medication. I suggest Harun Din's Clinic lah. If you're in politics, ward off these balistic attacks by strengthening your Iman and hiring some good Bomohs.

I'm not encouraging the hiring of Bomoh but what to do lah. There are plenty of Jinns sent in by invisible PosLaju to our doorstep to distrupt our lives. Supply-Demand. Orang Melayu kan tak senang tengok orang lain senang. Tengok orang puteh senang ok. Minda dijajah lagi nak buat macam mana.

Whatever it is, it to be reminded that God is beyond all repertoire of delusion.

God is Great.


Keanorlinsya said...

Nak cakap its a wonder in a country like ours, yg sedang membangun still practices bomoh2. tapi tak boleh because the truth is our mentality is still not free from kepercayaan tahyul.

Memanglah even in Quran its stated jinn and alam ghaib wujud tapi the bomoh ni mcm exploit the facts. Sedangkan its also stated that alam ghaib itu rahsia Allah. Pulak tu, ramai sungguh manusia yang percaya bomoh2 ni memang keramat and such. They spend thousands to these mind corrupters. thus the very reason bomoh keeps growing.

And if there is demand, there will always be supply am i right? do we stop bomoh from practising in the country?

afiq said...

My concern is not to eradicate Bomoh but to forbid their usage of jinns or use their skills to destroy other peoples' lives.

Even in european countries, people still seek psychic help. And in Japan. Monks are their bomoh. Bomoh is somewhat an intergral healer in the society. They are capable of healing some illnesses modern medicine cannot.

Keanorlinsya said...

My point exactly. (pls refer 2nd paragraph) Let me rephrase 'how do we stop fake bomoh who claim greatness of themselves to stop practising in the country. Corrupters.

mutalib saifuddin said... least i know something and see it how the 'physic' really is...kudos

afiq said...

psychic lah

Anonymous said...

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