Let's Talk About Love

"At this stage of my, I'd realized than Men are Men." Umi withdrew her cigarette from the car window.

We had a little debate over Men this afternoon. Men. She insisted that men nowadays are oblivious of their responsibilities and women are becoming more materialistic.

"So that's why kita mesti cari girlfriend waktu muda-muda. So they won't measure our wealth. And will be more attracted with our personalities and vision."

"Vision?" She laughed. Fakey fakey laugh. "Dah takde dah macam tu dah." She started to ramble about her view on men. And how girls have no intention to stick to their men unless they are rich. "There will come a point in your life when your wife question your wealth, when others got their hands on Mercedes. You will see it in her face."

I looked away, knowing for a fact that I'm on the loosing end of the debate. Yup, let her say whatever she wants about love for I, Afiq of KingFisher Park, still believes in true love.

"What's true love to you?" She suddenly asked.

Caught unaware but mentally prepared, I answered calmly, "True love is when a couple balances each other and perform their roles to build a foundation of trust." I glanced at her. She was more pre-occupied with the traffic. No. The traffic's fine. She was just pre-occupied.

I am being idealistic. I'm being Mr. McDreamy over McLovey. Because I know that we human are fully capable of shaping our actions and thoughts by setting an intention, whether it's idealistic or not.

I've seen Malays who are convinced that Malays are a naturally lazy race. And I've seen how these people drag their feet, lazily. I've also known people who had claimed that life is bullshit lead a pretty bull-shitty life.

So there's certainly a good chance of me believing that true love exists, to embody and personify it.

I smiled. (in the car) She wondered why.


Roti Kacang Merah said...

"True love is when a couple balances each other and perform their roles to build a foundation of trust."

Lucky for you, Dik ~ you already found this in your early years.

For some like me? Found only after countless of broken hearts and dreams. I was once bitter like your Umi, too. Now, Alhamdulillah, I found The One... true to every sense of your words.

So, keep on believin!

Anonymous said...

"True love is when a couple balances each other and perform their roles to build a foundation of trust."

Easier said than done.

You smiled but she wondered why?

Don't tell me that you are looking at her boobs while pretending looking out the window ...

Jannah said...

I say believing is key.

I saw this Arab proverb on someone's blog.

Man zara'a lau
Barangsiapa menanam 'kalau'

Fi wadi lau
Di lembah 'kalau'

Wa hasaltu lau
Maka hasilnya 'kalau'

afiq said...

Easier said than done? Like I'd already written, the most fundamental process of true love is the intention. Everything else, through efforts and determination will follow through.

Anonymous said...

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