Dr. Javeetha

I was put into the Bilik Kecemasan Asma yesterday. After a period of breathing into the.... the..... ntah ape la they called it, I was finally able to BREATHE properly (and without pain) again.
Afiq: Good... (cough-cough) morning doctor.
Dr. Javeetha: Ah, you're the Asthma case. Ingat orang tua tadi.
A: *Coughs again to hide offended expression* I'm Afiq, Dr. George asked me to come here.... room 17... betul kan?
D: Are you sure you're only asthmatic? Nothing wrong with your senses?
A: Huh?
D: It's afternoon dear.
A doctor with a sense of humour? That's news!
After reading my pulse and blood-pressure:
D: You've been eating to much prawn these few weeks. Cut sikit ah. And you haven't been exercising too. You may be young but I'd seen people younger than you suffering cardiac cases.
A: *nods*
D: Don't over-exert yourself ah Afiq. You must understand that eventhough the rest of your family doesn't have asthma, you do. So pantang-pantang sikit ah.
A: Are you sure you're a doctor? Not a psychic.
She looked at me intently with her tired eyes and re-examined my chart.
D: Are you, Architecture Boy?
A: No
D: Uh-huh.
Moral of the story: Do not attempt to be funny in front of doctors. They joke to break the tension but when we joke, we're just sick annoying buggers.


mirul said...

the tablet - euphillin/teophillin, the puff - salbutamol sulphate/terbutaline/formoterol.

did she gave u some steroids? cuz if she did that signals you have 3rd stage asthma and above...

all these not because i'm studying it, but because i'm a chronic asthma sufferer too, since 7 years old. huhu so sad. i feel ur pain afiq.

cekmi said...

Doctors are mysterious afiq. they joke abt death indifferently. weirdo.

Anonymous said...

get well soon!

afiq said...

Doctors are mysterious me? *angkat kening style the Rock*

It rarely happened, the asthma. Very rare. Maybe once in 2 to 3 years. Sibuk la ko bagitau the medication details... SIBOKKKK...

thanks anon.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

i've had chronic asthma since i was 11 months old, imagine that. and during my time (yes, i'm that old), asthma testing wasn't that great in M'sia.

it was in the Philippines when my dad studied there, that i was fully tested for my allergies. all fully paid by the m'sian embassy lagi. and lo and behold ~ i was tested/'certified' with 36 allergies... from pollens, to types of grasses i can't be on ~ food, medicines, fruits, colourings, furs, even mosquito bites!

the then Makati Medical Center even supplied us a year's worth of ubat AND special syringes (coz back then syringe kat m'sia too big for wee girl's skin. sakit!) for us to bring back home to M'sia. back in m'sia, i continued my fortnightly injection treatment till i was about 10.

but i grew up having bricanyl and ventolin with me everywhere i went, even merata di UK and Europe.

fastforward ke depan... one day in late 2003, God sent me a kitty. i took him in, to my parents' chagrin of course. "Kami dulu berperang nak selamatkan awak dari mati, tapi ni senang2 you're putting yourself into death row!!!". My parents were very very upset. And i was very very degil, coz the cat really made me happy.

but for some reason, since having a cat (now THREE cats), voilah, my asthma's gone!!! Alhamdulillah. maybe you should try do the same too?

Of course there's a scientific explanation to that. but then it'd be an entry's worth in this comment box, heh. Get well soon, dik.

afiq said...

I am getting well.

The cause of my painful asthma attack was inhaling too much dust. One of my brothers turned off the AC early in the morning on a Sunday. (I wake in the afternoon on Sundays)

The door was locked and the windows were shut. That's it lah, I breathed in dust over and over again for a good 6 hours.

Thanks for your concern, redpeanutbun. I'm allergic to Rambutan, dust and cats. And politicians.

hany said...

It's called a nebulizer. Smells funny & tastes like goat's piss after a few minutes.

Quick relief though :)

afiq said...

I've never smelled Goat's piss before.