Stephie and Me

Say what you want, you critical bloggers you. But Pak Lah's marriage came across to me as sweet. Well, he needs companionship like I need sexual outlets.

Aah... I remembered my first chinese girlfriend. *glances into glitzy photoshop moment* Stephanie was a year older than me, a school prefect and an excellent public-speaker. I was young, unblemished, slightly adrogynous and extremely curious. She was an annoying do-gooder. I was a dark broody piece of insecure bologna. Shakened by the recent tahfiz escape, I was shy to even bask myself onto the light of small-talks. I coiled, shrunk and dissapeared into my seat until greeted by a sepet-than-life girl with a slit the class refers as a smile.

"Hi! I'm Stephanie! What's your name?"

"Afiq, what's yours?"

"I'd just told you, silly!"

From there on, we became inseperable. Imagine that. A malay boy and a chinese girl. No biggie right?

Wrong! She came from a strict Chinese Roman Catholic family and I hailed from a very typical urban malay family. We were both schooled in a Roman Catholic private school. As years proceeds, our relationship became more obvious; both of us participated in public-speaking and poem-recitation competitions, we both became prefects and would do anything in school together. We were positively negative. It was understandable to me then because all the malay boys in the school were trouble-makers who would never converse in english or mingle with the majority chinese kids. (maybe they were afraid of betraying their own kin?? maybe.)

We got so many attentions from teachers and students alike, so much so that the headmistress personally called my mom to relinquish her tight-ass queeziness about this matter.

"Do you know that your son is befriending a chinese girl in school."

"You mean Stephanie. Oh yes, my son told me about her."

"And you're alright with their relationship."

"Yes, she's a good girl."

I appreciated our differences and had no difficulty coping with everything that came our way. The class and our class teacher accepted and approved our relationship. But some teachers, the headmistress, PTA members and parents made a ruckus out of us. I was labelled as a parasite, sucking Stephanie's academic excellence (she was never excellent academically to begin with) and polluting her conservative Roman Catholic upbringing.
I was the corrupter and she was the corruptee.

I aced my PMR. She didn't.

That was enough to rectify irrelevant speculations about my role in the relationship we were in. They (the group of Jesus loving preachers) took action and did everything in their powers to convince Stephanie that her failure was due to me. It was MY fault that she got only a few As.

All non-chinese staff members congratulated me. Stephanie began withdrawing herself from me. I was then known as "The Boy Who Got All As Because He Was Stephanie's Boyfriend."

Fucktards. Do they think for a second that I was offended by their Holy judgement?

After the long holidays, she was officially baptized and added a new middle name. And returned to school with a stone of a face. She smiled sourly at me, 360 degrees from her usual \(^___^)/ during recess and gave me a Hallmark bookmark with a small attempted cursive "Friends Forever" written on the bottom before her quirky signature. And that was it. Our friendship frozed, cracked and disintergrated.


Stephanie said...

Hey, why are u putting up my photo ?

By Lord Yesus Christos and all the Saints there are ( including those waiting to be picked up at the Vatican ), I will sue you. You wicked pagan !

It all because of you.

Miss Aida said...

That's pretty sad. Perhaps because friendship was so easily lost.

In Malaysia grades are everything. They're not.

Unfortunately, our society is such that it places extreme importance on grades to the extent that our society is brainwashed into believing there is only one form of intelligence, and God forbid anything gets it its way.

Afiq yg malas nk register masuk blogger said...

Pagan? Hah. You're not steph. Lord Yesus Christos? U scared the shit out of Syazwina, idiot. Repel! Repel or smell this *dramatically fish out the middle* finger of wrath!!!!!

kuh4z said...

small world we live in.

Mr. Engineer said...

There's a famous saying that goes :

" An architect's dream is an engineer's nightmare "

I think I know why.

Because 360 degrees is one complete round, so much so, it is no difference with 0 degree !

By logic, if she was \(^___^)/ at start, so mathematically speaking, at 360 degrees, she must be the same \(^___^)/ too i.e back to origin.

Don't you agree, Mr. Architect ?
Or did you mean 180 degrees ?

But doncha worry,
only lawyers go to Hell.

Mr. Engineer said...

Oh yeah, one more.

A Malay boy and a Chinese girl.
And Roman Catholic with that ?
Halooooooooo .. What's the fuss ?

It's not like she's Elizabeth Hurley or Paris Hilton or even Pocahontas or sumthin'

D'oh, she's not even Amish for crying out loud.

oh btw, she's ugly too.

afiq said...

hmmmm... you're quite right. But I was referring to the movement of the smile. But you're right, mathmatically speaking. It was just an expression anyway.

This is Sabah man...

Im not trying to be judgemental but the fact of the matter is, Roman Catholic is newly introduced and since the ninetees, retreats and churches sprouted like taugeh in the makmal sains. They'd opted for a different lifestyle.

A lifestyle that I think is hypocritical. I don't get it. They go to clubs, drink, have sex and go to retreats chanting 'I love Jesus' but continued doing all those this again in their hostel.

But again, its the people not the religion...

Hafidz Baharom said...

I have a friend named Iskandar who went to America and got married to Anne, a Roman Catholic.

Both of them kept to their religions and their families have accepted that much. Most of them, anyway.

It's sad to note how schools are just full of racial and religious bigots like this.

Anonymous said...

Aput :
I don't know what you really meant there but I don't find that worth noting at all.

In fact in Islam it is perfectly ok for a Muslim man to marry a "People of The Book" woman ( Jews & Christians ).

As clearly mentioned in Surah Al-Maidah, verse 5 =>

" And (it is made lawful for you to marry) virtuous believing women and virtuous women from among those who were given the Book before you .. "

But the problem is,
what about their children ? Are they Muslims ? Christians ? Or another bunch of American atheists ?

In Islam,
the kids must be made Muslims.

No question about that.

Well, it is always easy to label others as bigots or even racists but at the end of the day, those who own a lot of money and influence always win, no matter what you think or throw at them.

C'est la vie.

stalker 101 said...

mcm cerita sepet lah!

afiq said...

its just the way things are I supposed.

Do you really think so, that money and influence are THAT important? Well, those things can be taken away in seconds and all is left is knowledge and religious know-how.

MOney and influence are just Amanah, a responsibilty given by God to sustain ourselves and others(if possible)

I'm in my Ustad mood, don't ask why.

Wollybaggymanypoon, rezeki is from God. YOu can't dismiss that dear anon.

renegix_01 said...

얘기하지 말아요
please dont talk bout it
미소만 주고 가요
just smile at me and go away
세상 가장 슬픈 말
the saddest word in this world
듣지 않아도
eventhough i didnt hear it
이젠 알아요
now i know
꿈결 같은 사랑
love that's just like dream
내게도 찾아오네요
eventhough u come back to me
아픔을 알게 되겠죠
it will become more painfull
나는 오직 그대뿐이죠
for me..there's only you
내안엔 이미
in my life
그대만 살아요
u've already there
우린 오늘까지겠지만
eventhough our journey stop here
이 마음만은
가지고 가세요
go with my heart..
Good bye

if u are in your ustad mood..i'm in jiwang's a song for u with the translation bye fly to the sky=그대는모그죠(u didnt know)

mutalib saifuddin said...

aha. they (jesus loving preachers) must NOT overattribute steph's academic downturn because of you. that's her result and it displays her performance (yes, it's NOT everything though) in her studies.

anyway, don't get too serious with that pmr thing. people's IQ level cannot and must not be measured SOLELY with exam results.

try practicing exogamy one day. it can be exotic too.

Hafidz Baharom said...

Whoever this anonymous is, I'd like to point out that Jews and Christians are no longer considered people of the book as described in the earlier surah's as they have been lead astray.

Or have you forgotten about how Allah queried Jesus on his message to his entire tribe? Or how God notes in the Quran that one should not put Jews and Christians ahead of Muslims?

Read the Quran fully before you try and debate me on this.

Anonymous said...

Aput :
I don't know who you are but I do know who I am ( whoa, I am surely good at bad jokes )

" Jews and Christians are no longer considered people of the book "

Who says so ? You ?
I don't think that you truly understand the whole concept of "astray" as mentioned in the Qur'an.

If judging by your logic alone, the Jews and Christians have been lead astray since before Muhammad ( pbuh ) came to this World ! Even much earlier for the Jews ( wonder why Jesus came ? )The sole reason why Muhammad ( pbuh ) came is to guide all of them back ! If you rely on that logic of yours, the Al Maidah verse 5 would be deemed meaningless. Don't you agree ?

the view on that is still a matter of arguments among Muslim scholars. I don't say that your view is wrong but I don't say that it is true either.

" Or have you forgotten about how Allah queried Jesus on his message to his entire tribe? Or how God notes in the Quran that one should not put Jews and Christians ahead of Muslims? "

Dude, I agree with you but I believe that you just missed the real point. We were not talking about that, were we ? Besides, those are different things altogether ! It was about marrying girls from Ahlil Kitab, remember ?

" Read the Quran fully before you try and debate me on this. "

Ha ha ha.
A wholesale claim.
I could make the same claim too.
Here goes ... Ha ha like you did !
I bet you don't even learn or speak Quranic arabic. Translations alone dont do any good dear Bro.

Let me end my words with the golden phrase again( is that copyrighted ? ) :

" Read the Quran fully before you try and debate me on this. "


Hafidz Baharom said...

What makes you think a Roman Catholic is an ahlil kitab?

afiq said...


Roman Catholics are not ahlil kitab anymore because the vatican had altered the content. And with so many protestants and their theories of Christianity, we cannot trust any one of them to be the true follower of the bibble.

This is particularly unique about Islam because Islam encourage and promote muslims to become Hafiz so the content of the Quran will forever be preserved, unlike any other religions.

C'mon man, nobody likes a smart aleck...

Hafidz Baharom said...


Syazwina Saw said...

Ceh, Afiq (looking at Afiq's first comment). Now who's intervening?

It was freaky to think of. It was hard to think all that sumpah seranah came from such a sweet-looking girl.

Either way, reading your story makes me glad MY parents' 'sepet-story' ended out just fine.

Even if they did find the Yasmin Ahmad movie ridiculously unrealistic.

ToufuSlayer said...

That's weird... both of you were doing all the debates and being prefects and stuff... you aces your pmr and she didnt? and claimed it was all because of you? how lame. she must not have studied that smart then. maybe she wasnt that smart anyway, or maybe she is, but performed badly during exams. that happened all the time.

friendship lost... guess dat's part of life~

-yours truly is also in a sepet relationship... and hopes it ends well too ^^ -

Anonymous said...

Christians and Jews are still considered people of the book.
When the Prophet Muhammad came, He was to lead the 'people of the book' back to the original religion of God as well as bring the true religion of God to the Arabs and the pagans.
Hence, if they are no longer people of the book, when do they actually cease to be people of the book? Before Prophet Muhammad, they were people of the book. After him, they could not have ceased to become 'People of the Book' or the verse in the Qu'ran of marrying chaste women from the people of the book would not have appeared.
This is because even when Prophet Muhammad revealed the verses from God of marrying people of the book , Christians and Jews already had different sects, so he could not have revealed something that already isn't the truth already.
Hence, your logic that Christians and Jews are not people of the book is a fallacy.
Before Islam came, there were already different sects. And there were no Muslims because Islam had not been revealed. If even during that time there were already different sects of Christianity and Judaism, how could they 'not' be 'people of the book' even before the verses were revealed later by the Prophet Muhammad?
Do you see the fallacy in the myth that Christians and Jews are no longer 'people of the book'?

Muslims believe that Christians and jews are people of the book because they follow Abraham's religion of One God. Even if they have corrupted it, they ARE still people of the Book.
So going by your logic Islam isn't even considered a "People of the Book" (Basically, deriving from Abraham's One God religion) as well because Islam has divided into many sects as well - Shia, Sufi, Ba'hai, Ismailis - all of whom have doctored the Qu'ran to suit their needs and their different ideologies.
But on the other hand, you ingore historical fact that 24 differant versions of the Qur'an existed in the time of Uthman which contained minor variations in the text. They were all differant, so Caliph Uthman had all copies but one destroyed. That fact proves that the words of the Qur'an were changed.
The most standardized editions of the Quran in the world today is the one printed in Cairo, Egypt in 1924 (approved in 1918) and after that the King Fahd edition in Saudi Arabia.

Comparing the Egyptian edition to the oldest available Quran, the Tashkent Quran, will show that there have been many human errors in the Tashkent Quran that has to be corrected when the Egyptian edition was made. The errors were obvious because the Quran has always been completely memorized and kept in its oral transmission to these days and can be verified against any written book. It is impossible to consider that God meant to preserve and protect the written books for example by Uthman (the Tashkent Quran), or any other human being for this matter when they are full of human errors. God's promise is to provide the mean to verify any written Quran against what He has in the Master tablets as we see in 85:21-22. God's promise to preserve the correct Quran was proved when the written manuscript of the Tashkent manuscript can be verified against the memorized Quran.

fizi said...


The Book? What is the meaning Al-Quran?

Yes, Musa (Moses), Isa (Jesus) and other prophets preached about one: The Only God, only Him alone to be served. Al-Quran came down to finalize everything that has been taught by the previous prophets (peace be upon them). People of the book? I cant to find a standard version of the book.. so many versions, revisions (no offence).

Read Surah Al-Ikhlas. What does it says? Does a person still considered an Ahli Kitab when he/she had gone against what have been told in the surah?

I stand to be corrected

Anonymous said...

why is everything hateful come from religious differences? if its not religion its race, if not race then culture and so on.

i come from south africa, and here we have the biggest divercitys of all, white races split amongst Language, religion, culture.
black races split amongst, 11 languages, culture.
combination split amongst, gangs, classes, ect.

and why?
there is no reason but ignorance,

the human race is an ignorant race, we discriminate over stupid thing because we arnt happy unless we know there are people lower than us, and they fear that there are.

just imagine, that there was no god. would we still have reason to hate someone we dont know?

every racist act and group, eg : kkk, nazi's, taliban, and so forth, 'what do they have in common'? each one of these groups believe they are doing 'gods' work.

if you take away religion you take away the biggest factor in hate around the world.