That's not Hijab!

Yes, yes, yes, Olang Malaysia manyak komplen - Dr. Lim Keng Yaik

I've been on the northern side of Malaysia, working part time as a food critic and enlisting delicacies to be in my 'Best in the World' list. A full time glutton is what I am! I am also currently busying myself with new menus to cook every night, experimenting my cooking on laboratory mices... I mean family.

The hoolaboolaboolaloo about Raja Sherina and her fitnah SMS is quite amusing. The fat tudung labuh lady is so self-determined to clear her name that I'll be delighted to make her a stew with a cupful of blackpepper. Then she'll realize how the stew won't sting her mouth until some time.

The guy named Baginda had sex with a mongolian model, forced to marry her and later blew her up in pieces. As peculiar behaviours always starts at home, I wonder how his mother cooks. Maybe she flirts with chickens with a unique rendition of cockadoodledoo song, have the chickens follow her to the kitchen and blow them up. Maybe.

Datuk Zakaria satay stall was recently demolished. Albeit his misdeeds, he had the courage to declare "Rakyat masih mempercayai saya." because of his largely attended open house. Datuk, Datuk... people are there to see for themselves a living, breathing scum (since the most horrid ones are already dead) and to get free lunch. Full stop.

Kefli dan Marsha semakin Intim. Like I give a ****.

Ah yesss, this is a good clip about hijab aka tudung aka tools of camel-riding arabs to opress their women.


Anonymous said...

Can u believed this guy, talking about hijab. I don't think it s about camel riding arab to opress their women, now arab are wealty,even their damp camel can fly. Afiq the song is very boring. Look at islam, don't talk about hijab, talk about everyday life. Do u know that how imposible it is for a non muslim to marry a muslim, o yes..I have received called from people asking me if I know a place in Thailand where they can get married without any tussled, the birocracy they had to go thro to get married in Malaysia. Hmmmm...I always thought Islam made simple, kawin kat siam, balik bayar fine and everything will be find. Good idea. What does Pejabat Ugama got to say about that??? undang-undang katanya, undang undang siapa? Undang undang malaysia. Maybe dua kalimah sahadah is not good enough to declare "one" a muslim, we have to strecthed till they, said..that is!!!!I m not converting, to much trouble, kamu tanggung lah dosa and yeah, the sms,supposingly Dato Azhar going to baptise muslim into Christian, that easy huh nak masuh kristian, then nape susah nak masuk islam,very ironic don't you think. That nite I received the sms from a friend about the "sms" I forward to Dato Azhar and he proptly replied to me,thanking me for my concerned and gave me a salam.Hmm..I have never doubted him, so why does a stupid reported asked him to recite d "kalimah". That s what malaysian is all about.

Uncle lan

afiq said...

i know that the arabs are wealthy, i was just being sarcastic. yes, i think it is impossible for non muslims to marry muslims unless they convert. that is something stated in the revelation and it'll be a futile effort to question those rules. A muslim is a muslim but the wholesomeness of one practicing islam as a way of life differs. Iman is a vital aspect for muslim (faith) and the more advanced taqwa is the ability to follow the way of life in Islam. It is a lot more than going to the mosque to pray and read the yassin. It is about practicing moderation in all aspects of life and at the same time, reaching excellence in every field that benefits mankind. That is Jihad. Striving for excellence,,, now I sou$nd like a ustaz.. the holier-than-thou attitude showcased by some malaysian tu 'kisah lama'. They've been doing that for as long as i can remember. Islam is a religion that connotate the importance of the ummah or congregation but never to that extend.

instead of believing those fitnah and asking Dato Azhar about his status, one can make a precautionary effort to indulge in religious harmony with him.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Dato art with appreciate this. Do u know the sin of fitnah and to make it dramatic, DOSA FITNAH ADALAH LEBIH BESAR DARI DOSA.... ???Especially when u unmuslim a muslim, just because u had a picture of someone in a church, and that made them a christian. Let see how many of u have been to Notre damn in u r christian, what about the tourist that visits the mosque, so they are all muslim ..It s all about faith ..stupid.
uncle lan