Load of shit

How can special interest of malays are in sync with Islam. Or Islam Hadhari for that matter?

Islam Hadhari or its literal meaning Civilization Islam is new approach of rebranding Islam. Rebranding the worldwide perception of Islam and its Muslims. It is rooted by Malaysia's Prime Minister's passion for the religion but how is possible that he denied Islam basic rules of governance? It is clear that Islam do not permit tribalism or race-segregating policy in all aspects of its governance. During the time of the prophet, Jews have the same political and economical right in Muslim Countries and the same can be said about the diversity of races.

Doesn't Islam Hadhari means International Civilization of Muslims?

And there they were, shouting like maniacs about protecting Malay special interest during the UMNO annual general meeting. If this were to be scaled down in proportion, it is like a group of red indians proclaiming more power that the other red indian tribe across the river. And at the same time, in the Perlembagaan, Malaysia is a Secular country.

As bits and pieces come together, Nori, the Prime Minister's only daughter, an avid follower of Sister In Islam (SIS) are discussing that women should make their own rules in Islam on the basis of reason and not the clear and consice content of the revelation. The most obvious rule they agreed on was women do not have to wear Hijjabs.

Sister In Islam, Islam Hadhari and Malay special interest do not blend well in Islam (to be totally honest)

Load of shit if you ask me. By the end of the day though, I'll throw all those thoughts away, watch American Next Top Model, eat a lorry load of Ice Cream and cry out loud... Life!


Aput said...

Touching on Islam Hadhari


Anonymous said...

wah... afiq sudah menjadi lebih matang.. . -azim

afiq said...

wat are u trying to say hah azim.. hah? hah?

Mau cali gado ah.. haiyyaaaa (sengau)

Manyak susah lo kalo lu mau cali gaduh sama wa...

fizi said...

nanti dalam kubur, if malaikat tanya "apa agama mu?" apa nak jawab yek? islam? islam hadhari? islam harihari? islam paklah? islam khairi?

oppsss.. ada orang kata siksa kubur tak wujud.. hmmmmm