marry a whiteman lah

Ah, malay men.... Sure I can't generalize them but I CAN sum predictions for a major portion of them. They will win your hearts with endlessly flowing poems and song lyrics during their first spurt of interest. They will later try tease you and lead you on a romantic roller coaster. They'll marry you, proclaim their husband-ly status in kenduris and will work their ass off for your domestic needs. This is the peak of your relationship; when hardships and fruits of labour are shared. And when your first baby is born, you'll go through another hurdle of temporary neglegence. A few children later, you will be practically be a queen who is in control of your household but no, not your husband. Your husband, whether you'll realize it or not will spent a quarter of his salary on mistresses. When your age goldened-seasoned-blackpeppered, he'll come back to you with a heap of burdon, some of them being terminal illnesses. An unforgettable trip to Makkah and he'll die a few years later.

But if you marry an englishman: you'll spent several years of cultural tolerance and absorption before marriage, a simple (cheap) and romantic marriage and honeymoon and a few years of wild social exuberance. From there on, you will find yourself a full time companion who revitalizes your 'fire' every now and then. After a few children, you will be pampered by their tendency of sharing your domestic loads and after all the children are able to live for themselves, the journey you had during early years of marriage will embark in full engine.

So malay girls... marry an orangputeh!
or malay guys who thinks like an orangputeh!

My assumptions are made from personal observations so please mind my rather shallow perception of marriage sequents.

try typing elgoog on google and click i'm feeling lucky.. trylah

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