An old white man who lives nearby Nael's condominium had been bringing guys my age to his home. Some are baby-faced malays and others are age-defying chinese teenagers. He'll bring his companions home for a cup-of-tea and relaxed with them by the pool. Apparently, Rymond had bought his home to spend the last moments of his life here, on the shores of the Pearl Island.

Rumours has it that he has a wife and children whom he had left in Britain. Rumours also has it that he sleeps with young boys to invigorate his vitality. In other words, to live longer. Could it be that sodomizing and fondling young adults is the elixir of youth? He is also the Chairman of Welfare of the whole condo and had used this oppurtunity to decorate the entr ance with rather untasteful objects.

I met him a few times in the elavator and to be honest, the few seconds in the entrapped space is torture. It is not much of what he did but what he had done. The thought of his 'secret escape' exerted a few drops of nervous sweat.

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