Datuk Dato' Datuk Dato'...... Kaboooom

Somebody gave me a message that goes like this:

I taknak jadi anak setan macam u!

Malays and their sentiments. Sokong melayu when you know you'll gain something and jatuhkan melayu if you know you have nothing to lose.

That's how things are in Sejarah Melayu since the Kesultanan period and it this notion is still largely in existence until now. But history had taught us that whatever goes around comes around. No matter how we avenge our self-driven principles, reality is bound to slap us some much needed senses.

Maybe it is how malay humans are programmed to be. Programmed to insult and critisize their own species ans stand by as a team only when cornered. Programmed to destroy eachother. Or so it seems.

Datuk Zakaria defied morale obligations with extreme arrogance and when cornered, hid in his home crying and bidding for the public's understanding.

What can we expect from these powerful malays?

You and I know that there are a pack full of Datuks in expensive clubs gurgling whiskey surrounded by fair skinned filipino attendants. Moral disintergration is growing among malay teens and who is to blame? If you ask me, racing around, endangering lives is not as catastrophic as sucking/parasiting tax money. Hell with Remp-it, let's make another movie about the kutu malam that occupies the 'happening' side of KL. Let's call it Dat-ok. Let's show how these cherished beings are peppered with money from illegal businesses and -account slip offs-. How Datins lurked the alleys in quest of handsome Bangladeshi gigolos. How their children are engulfed with ectasy and drugs and prostitutes and alcohol.

They are the new age Datuks. The hype trendy type. The type that enjoys life to its very limits and drop dead as quickly as you can say KAYA!!!!!!!


cekmi said...

Agree with you, afiq. What happened to Datuk Z was just a small tip of a larger one - the Datuk's iceberg (or shld we call it Datuk's carlsberg?). Okay, they just follow the system. Whose system? Ask our dear Pak Lah lah..

Dat-OK. I like that.

afiq said...

i would lik to firmly state that I wasn't referring to all datuks in general. Just the rotten few.