A Survey by Any Other Name....

I don't think the flower in the picture are roses but... they sure smelled like roses.
Time for some self-indulgence on personal preference that no one cares about.
My favourite flower have always been the ones that are edible like flower-shaped candy and chocolates.
My favourite food is actually, listen up people, actually... kari kambing.
My favourite drink is 100 plus because I sweat a lot and isotonic liquid replenishes perspiration faster.
My favourite place in the whole wide world is available in all homes, hotels or restaurants. Toilet lah!
My favourite movie is... still Dumbo. I especially like the part when Dumbo's mother cradle Dumbo in her her trunk from inside her cage. Sampai sekarang boleh menitis air mata tangok.
My favourite song is Oklahoma by Billy Gilman. For obvious reasons? (check out the song in Youtube to know what I mean)
My fovourite boybands are DBSK and NeWS! Asia untuk Asia.
My fovourite colour is black because wearing anything with that colour makes me look thinner.
My favourite fruit is manggo.
My favourite brand? Hmmm.. for shoes Nike but when it comes to the clothes I wear, I don't really give a shit.
My favourite car is either the one in Back to the Future or Flubbers.
Bestlah jawab survey ni. Tenang hatiku yang gemuruh ini.


tia said...

kari kambing..
kambing afiq,
org kata hanyir.


If I didn't know better I swear there's a goth in you somewhere

Anonymous said...

e flowers are hydrangea.

KakaXY said...


Afiq Deen said...

yesssa! kambing is a god-sent creature.

okay, hydrangea. thanks.

goth mana yang idolise korean band n listen to country songs??

Anonymous said...

afiq...seriously...you like NEWS???the japanese boyband NEWS???the originally 8 but now 6 people boyband NEWS???

i thought guys wont like NEWS..

i wonder...how do guys like boybands..
you know, if girls, we go all blogread about their latest gossip and find every latest pix we can find..and watch their dramas..dwld their latest single..and buy online calendar..bla bla..

and i cant imagine a guys would do those stuff..hahaha


kaoru said...

I like the De Lorean car in back to the future as well

Afiq Deen said...

i dont do all that. i just listen to their songs and watch some of their cool music videos. i especially like to listen to them while working out because i dont have to think so much while listening to lyrics that i cant possibly understand.

Cool right, the car.