It's the last Friday the 13th today. Whether or not it's a self-fulfilling prophecy, I'm anticipating a bout of frustration today.
So what better way to lighten up this rather grim day than to over analyse things around me?
P1 Wimax and Streamyx are figthing it all in their advertisments nowadays. P1 is asking you to potong. Streamyx tells you to not trust a beginner with a P probation sticker. Whatever it is, both companies are fighting to get you to use their product which is the internet. One is offering a wireless service and the other sticks to the traditional cables.
I was in Subang Parade a few days ago and I saw a rather weird printed advertisment:

The midget scale carboard advertises suppliments that can make you lose weight and not look like an apple or a pear. Nothing weird there right?

But a stone throw away, there's a fruit stall.

Weird isn't it? Was the motivation of using fruits as representations of fat people a geographical response? Or was it just coincidental?

Whatever it is, it didn't appeal to me. A simple: Ayurfat or AyurSlim? would've been more fruitful.

(forgive me God for I have pun-ned)

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aZeeLia said...

funny kan,hehehe...