When asked to describe the colour pink, I will typically answer "The underbelly of a newborn piglet, Legally Blonde, So What?, fat american tourists, Barbie Dolls, Pusat Serenti Malaysia."

But today is a special day. Today is a Pink Day. It's the day to commemorate Breast Cancer survivors, sufferers and everything positive and uplifting that has to do with Breast Cancer.

Radiology Malaysia's new slogan for this year's Breast Cancer Campaign is

I Check, I Act, I Live.
I think it's pretty fitting. It's simple and straight to the point.
Girls, grab a Dove and lather your breasts with Dove's mosturising goodness. Search for any sign of lumps that is not your sad excuse of a mosquito bite breasts. If you find nothing out of the ordinary, you might as well continue lathering them with essential oil, record it with your phone and send it to your nearest MP with a label 'Warga Singapura diraba polis wanita Malaysia. We need to pick a fight with them Merlions so that the water issue will resurface. Let's challenge Lee Kuan Yew's contract with God!

If you find a lump, tell your parents and go get a mammogram scan. Remember, 7% breast cancer patients are aged 30 and below. 2% are men with man boobs/moobs.
Today is the first time I wore pink.

I've always thought pink is a sissy colour. Pink is scientifically proven to weaken men's burst of testosterone. It makes Hulk Hogan hug puppies. But the thing is, we are unaffected by all the side effects of seeing pink if we wear them (unless there are mirrors everywhere). It makes other men mild and weak. Now I know why Donald Trump wears a pink tie!

Be a King, Wear Pink.

Happy Breast Cancer Day everybody.
Do Check, Do Act, Do Live.



Like the french cuffs, what links are you wearing..

Lisa Farhana said...

afiq nampak kurus :D

Afiq Deen said...

Ilusi je tu... French cuff? Afiq tak reti fashion...

Anonymous said...

Just for everyone's info,in Malaysia,mammogram scan is strictly for women age 40 and above. any age younger than that are advised to do ultrasound.


Sorry My Bad... a French Cuff is what Malaysians sometimes call a double cuff, where the cuff is twice the length of a normal cuff and turned back (folded back).

It is fixed with cufflinks.

I looked closer and realised your cuffs are the normal cuffs that button down.

So... I was wrong.