Let's Talk About Love

Or the lack of it. Let's do that. Let's talk about Afiq's non existent love life. What does that mean anyway? Love life. For me it implies that a couple has had sex thus it becomes intergral in the structure of the couple's relationship. Sex. The insertion of one's phallus into the holy of holies.
What is love without sex? It's meaningless really. Love of God, parents, family and iPod aside, love means nothing without sex when you're in my age. That's all I think about when I'm not thinking of anything else important. I'll dream of it (Xena warrior princess in leopard prints) once in a while and wash my pants in the sink. You see, the longing for sex is so great that I don't buy lovey dovey craps in form of forwarded emails by bored cubicle prisoners.
Have I ever been in love? I thought I was in love but I was deceived. What I felt was simple and unadulterated happiness. It's like saving a kitten and bringing it home with dreams and hopes that kitten will be well taken care of (until your parents comes home and conspire with the maid to bring Sylvester to a faraway Pasar Ikan)
Love is an expression that has varied capacity. Like faith. And like anything quantifiable, the extent of its measure is tangible. It will grow on me, the concept of love.
I'm not expecting the right girl to come along and steal my heart away because I must first have a heart susceptible to love and right now, my heart is only beating to rythm of Tap Tap Revenge2. I'm not ready and I know it. She knows it too, wherever she is.


Miss Aida said...

Xena Warrior princess in leopard prints? Leather doesn't do it for you? :P

love_angel~ said...

"someone is meant for someone somewhere"

eLLa said...



True to an extent...

Love always searches for expression. It is all the same. Even the love of God should culminate in what shall I say the climactic finish. The finish where one can say in the face of his lover, "I can die happy" or "I can die with a smile on my face".

Tony Robbins says what creates the feeling of love is oxytocin, a hormone. It's what God put in mothers to stop them from retribution to their young for all the pain of child birth. Oxytocin connects the mother to the a child having what we sometimes say as having a face only a mother can love. God help you if that oxytocin runs out. But to scientific for my liking.

So what is that climactic finish the we so search for, the orgasmic end? The need to be unique yet connected. The winner in the great spermactic win of life.

I admire those who have the fullest conviction in their relationship to God (and for some, whomsoever they might call that God to be; whether Allah, some intermediary or mother nature.) Or for some their search of the proverbial God; Riches, Power and even Women (Harta, Takhta dan Wanita).

Sex is just part of the expression (remember the Book Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown). Whatever you deem "sex" to be.

I was thinking intially Afiq nih memang nak mengumpan. But it was a good one.

Maybe I should use my MINDBENDER call sign for things like this next time.