Why Camwhoring?

Was I camwhoring? If I was, where's my pimp? Will I get paid? Tell me if I'm wrong
The term camwhoring is only relevant when phone or camera companies pay up to people who camwhores because they (effectively or not) promote their products.
People who have sex for free are not whores, they're just sexually depraved. People who 'camwhores' don't get paid or represented by pimps so the term is wrong.
This display of vanity should be renamed. How about camatity or cammallah or camomortzkah.
Or campoyo or cambodohje.
Let's see. We are using our cam to record our state of being, so how about:


the anThropologist said...

Yeah. I think, to some extent, you are right.

And I vote for cambeing!!!! Hahahahahahaha..... (",)

-one- said...

...i like campoyo... but man cambeing!!!...i'm laughing rolling on the floor!!...huahahah nice one....:-P

J said...

cambeing sounds like kambing.

Afiq Deen said...