Old Steam and New Cup of Coffee

Yeah, that's some racist shit.

The only thing that's race prejudice about this country is our perception of other races. And we can't change people's perception with an enactment or akta. Or by making police reports and arresting racist bloggers. We can only change people's perception by first changing the paradigm of how we react to racist slurs. Yep, because the only harmful aspect of racism here is slurring. For a country that had an influx of immigrants half a century ago, our country is still considered one of the the most stable country in the world.

When the british left Malaya, the malay community gracefully accepted indian and chinese immigrants because they were necessary to keep this country afloat. By then, an understanding of coexistence was formed. Malays were thankful that the economy was runned by the chinese and the hard labour by indians. Indian and chinese were thankful that the malays provided them safety and assurance as well as a chance for them and their generation to be a part of something amazing: Malaysia.

As long as we have our differences, racist slurring is an imminent form of expression. We should make a mickey out of it and have fun laughing at others and in turn, ourselves. Should there be any hatred brewing from jokes and slurs, it only means people are relating those jokes and slurs with real life ordeals that stemmed from racism.

It's as simple as that.

When I read comments related to racism, it is staggering to see how many malays want the chinese and indians to leave Malaysia. The chinese rationalized that if they were to be exiled, Malaysia will face long-lasting hyperinflation and the economy will collapse. How very true. As it seems, everyone wants people of different race out of "their domain."

They seem to forget that our differences compliments each other and the symbiosis of this is a foundation of Malaysia. But today for example, the chinese and indians are safeguarding their children's isolated academic process and the malays are giving more opportunities for chinese and indians to enter high-esteemed education institutions. This rather unbalanced wave of prioritizing resulted today's Penang and tomorrow's Perak.

So let's just laugh about it. Laugh aloud and laugh together. Let go of old steam and make a fresh cup of coffee before somebody else draws out the steam and make a cup of cameronian tea with our teabags.

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trimas. sy sudah link dan sudah menjemput rakan2 utk baca blog bagus nih. tulis banyak-banyak, sy suka baca blog ini!