The Domino Effect

Tragedies here in Malaysia are like dominoes. It happens one after another in one go. Yesterday's landslide is a perfect example. Just a day before the horrific incident, a cliff at Damansara collapsed. And yesterday's news foretold many more buildings and sites that are prone to landslide.
Things are not the same anymore.
PakLah managed to pull off an angry face and told the media "Enough is enough!" After the incident, a special team was assigned to investigate. Typical Malaysian attitude lah this. Hot hot chicken shit.
People know. A lot of people know what you did.
I have sufficient background in architecture to tell you that the party most responsible for this incident is not the developer, architect or engineer who built the houses there but the Jabatan Perancang Bandar dan Desa. They were the one who approved the construction of houses at a kawasan tadahan air. If anyone it to be blame it's the town and country planning department.
pay up your debts now or you'll regret it when no one wants to donate their alfatihah
The government will do anything to cover its ass including blaming developers and the rakyat when the fault is entirely JPBD's, a department under the jurisdiction of the federal government. This standoff-ish attitude adopted by the government is getting on my nerves.
to a person who passed on burdon to them
When Mumbai was attacked, the mayor resigned because he failed in tightening the security even though prior warning was given. Governers in the US resigned when their affairs were exposed by the media. Even Bill Clinton was impeached when he was found guilty of receiving blowjob(s) from a fat intern.
I'm avoiding you because i love you, because i want you to realize that
But here our infamous porn star Chua Soi Lek made a comeback in politics and is now the second most powerful politician in MCA. Mat Taib who was arrested in Australia for transporting a vast amount of cash (but he was released because he told the customs there that he allegedly didn't understand english) is competing for the title of Naib Presiden UMNO. Rafidah Aziz who was accused of corruption involving APs is still the Ketua Wanita UMNO.
life doesn't revolve around you like you think. you're not a superhero
Under normal circumstances of a democratic country, these poticians should no longer serve our nation.
Be a superhero and stop this nuissance, or you'll end up in the rags
Their insistence to quit their posts and the Prime Minister's forgive and forget attitude can only result a larger scale domino effect and the people that will get trampled on are the rakyat. We, the rakyat lah!


J said...

I agree with you. Having worked for two months at a planning company, Ive seen that its so easy for JPBD to approve development plans. In fact, most of the EIAs aren't done in an appropriate way where long term effects are not considered. Pfft. The JPBD is not strict enough la in approving developments. Tapi somehow partly developers mmg wajar diblame pun. Again, having worked for a few months, I saw how certain developers tend to twitch sikit their development, and didn't go according to what they sent to JPBD.

Hmmmmmmm. The burden is in our hands afiq. Lets bring some changes to the built environment, yeahhhh!

Adam M.A said...

HERE HERE.. i agree!

Anonymous said...

that's what happened when people wanted to be a leader because of the benefits, not to provide people with benefits.....

" L" said...

Quiet shocking..if it's the town n country planning development should be blamed in this tragedy not the developer or architect.. But it does make sense to me anyway..

I agree with Afiq in his view.. But, I'm wondering why that JBPD is solely to blame? I guess, there might be unsur2 rasuah given by the developers (coz they're kaya raya..hahaha..) causing the involved authority (if they lack of integrity) to approve certain project even though they do know the consequences would occur after the building construction done.. So, MONEY DOES MATTER..

Anyway, it's also the resident's fault coz why did they buy the hillside houses (which are vulnerable to landslide)? Didn't they think about it first b4 buying those house? Or else..kena tipu dek developer's saying kununnya the house is safe n fully equipped with hi-tech stuffs? So, who's "paloi" here? huhu..

Sometimes, I think..any disaster happens due to "HUKUM ALAM" like massive raining which is beyond from our controls.. because no matter how advanced technology building is.. LANDSLIDE IS LANDSLIDE.. as what has happened at Bkt. Antarabangsa recently..

Therefore, everybody should've shared responsibilities whether they're developers, residents, architects, NGOs, govt. ensure this tragedy will not happen again in the future.. Yo, Say No To Bribes!!

art said...

ok..let me clear this thing first..projek kat area bt a'bangsa yg runtuh tu dah 20 tahun lepas sebelum MPAJ wujud..semua kes2 tanah runtuh sebelum ni adalah hasil dari kelulusan dari pej daerah & tanah serta kerajaan negeri...bukannya JPBD. Dah projek kerajaan negeri ni faham2 je la...silap2 tak der geoteknik atau ikram pun..projek yg ada sekarang atas kelulusan MPAJ & ikram so far belum ada yg fail. e.g. Laman Oakleaf, puncak bt utama, damai bistari, Sering UK mana ada masalah. Lagipun kalau developer ikut guideline betul2 sure takder problem..yg tak ikut tak tahu ler..The fact is sincerity..Sebab tu la kerajaan negeri diam je..and sebab tu kes highland tower u cannot hold MPAJ for liabilities..