Ada Apa Dengan Namaku Afiq Deen

I'm thankful that my parents named me Afiq Deen and not just Afiq. There are thousands, no, millions of Afiqs but there is only one Afiq Deen. Google/MSN/Yahoo search Afiq Deen and it will direct you to this blog or my facebook profile, which means there are no famous Afiq Deen yet that could possibly overshine my possibility of making it big with this name.

Am I suggesting that I will make it big?

Define big.


Parents today are more creative when naming their kids. They will usually opt for eccentric names like Pierre Andre, Sofia Sarena, Juan Thomas, Mohd. Hyundai or Nurnokia. Those who are afraid that their kids will get teased in school will combine names and make longer ones like Sharlini Shasha Shaniawati or Herman Madius Ibrahim.

Dulu-dulu, parents named their kids simple commercial names like Abu, Ali, Nordin and Ahmad. So in a class there were usually three Abus, four Ali, two Nordin and a dozen Ahmads. Naturally, there were a lot of confusion when students call out names that are shared by a handful of eager students. To avoid embarassment, kids those days made up nick names that were related to each other's personality or background.

Nordin was a smart aleck who knows everything about anything under the sun. Today he is known as Nordin KajiLangit.

Mohammed owned a kapchai that emitted loud noises. Today his neighbours know him by the name Mat Trang-tang-tang even though he drives a Honda Civic.

Megat talks in incredible speed and spits too. Nama saya Megat. Megat Machinegun.

Ismail is a thin man who cringes his shoulders a lot.
"Ismail... Ala Ismail yang tinggal kat Pokok Sena tulah..."
"Ismail mana ni?"
"Mael Burung Sejuk"
"Oh ya ya ya.. "

Jamilah used to be a flirtatious schoolgirl and would date more than one guy at the same time. Today she is a religious teacher and recently went to perform her Hajj. Her old friends calls her Milah Sanggui.

Azim, Ahmad, Ali and Lokhman used to be overweight when they were in highschool. Today all of them are known as Bob.

When he was 13, Fahmi couldn't pronounce P properly. During the year end holiday, Fahmi and his friends went to the beach. Fahmi have never been to the beach before so when they arrived he got excited and shouted "Waaaaah!! Fantai!!!" That's how Fahmi Fantai got his nickname.

Sameon is a macho army personnel. He has a coarse voice and an even coarser skin but his favourite singer is Celine Dion. Yeah you guessed it right, his nickname is Meon Dion.

Yaakob used to be an anglophile potty mouth. Cursing is like humming to him. His favourite curse words was Son Of a Bitch. Now his friends calls him Akob Ass Owe Bee.


J said...

This post is funny.

suhida said...

I like your blog. Very the creative one!

Nite Garden said...


This entry has swept away my Sunday Blues in the office today ;p

You've made my day today.. thx Afiq Deen (",)

af [ R ] ed said...

dekat kampung aku ade pak cik name ALI KOTE. sbb dier suke sakat n gatal gile ngn pompuan. Huahuahua

" L" said...

You had my Standing Ovation man!! I burst out laughing when reading Mael Burung Sejuk's story.. Kahkahkahkahkah..

L: So, I say yes to Afiq Deen.. Randy?
Randy: Yo! Absolutely yes..
Paula: I think you're adorable, I'm gonna say yes.. Simon?
Simon: Hmm...L's right, I can't say no..

Diran said...

cant und wt 'l' says bt ywyz..interesting blog afiq....hey try commenting on other peoples blog too...all u do is comments for others...

alia said...

hah! milah sanggui.

Dammit said...

nama kite sama tapi aku takde 'deen' tu. aku rasa kena cari nickname jgk lah. haha

Afiq Deen said...

dammit tu bukan nickname ke? Afiq dammit. Mcm sesuai je.

Malaysian's version lah L, the judges should be fauziah latif, paul moss and the other guy

ALI KOTE!!! Hahaha!

" L" said...

Sorry Afiq.. Malaysian Idol is no longer on air at this moment..hohoho.. Next time-lah..hahaha.. :P

alone said...


u got ur name.

maddieness said...

This post is effing hilarious.

I think I might have a crush on your writing.

Afiq Deen said...

: D

Anonymous said...

Maybe the BEST paper that I have read all year..

-Warm regards