No Money No Honey?

A lot of my friends are all excited over the prospect of them working in the near future. They can't wait to work and earn a living. I don't blame them of course because after 16 years of learning, it is time for them to actually apply the knowledge they learnt in 'real life'.

Oddly enough, I'm not thrilled that everyone is excited about working. I'm not even excited about working. Maybe because I know how it feels to earn money, which made me more conscious of the peril of knowing how necessity will somehow overrule the pleasure of spending it unnecessarily.

Spending unnecessarily is just an illusion; it is the dynamics of pleasure that comes from irresponsible spending which basically means spending more than one could afford at the time being. And the very moment this foolishness takes place is what people want, not the end result or the planning of it.

So in its bare essence, we seek not wealth but the moment we could spend wealth.

The most valuable thing perceptive to us is time. With this is mind, the wealthiest people on earth are not those who have the most money in banks or have vast amount of assets but those who spends every available second enhancing other people's quality of time as well as their own.

In due time

Verily! Man is at loss,

Except those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another the truth, and recommend one another patience.

Al-'Asr: 1-3

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Miss Aida said...

I'm not excited about working either - I figure that it will come; and I'm just going to lose that year of my life through internship.

Sad but true.