Salam Maal Hijrah

Yes, I think I'm going to use one of those for dessert
I think it's celebration-worthy that Maal Hijrah and New Year are neighbours. It's also note-worthy to say the least, that I'm cooking up a set of resolutions? Pedulik.
What's for certain is I won't repeat last year's resoulutions like 1. Lose 5 kg 2. Six pack abs 3. Will not watch por... Well, I might as well give a good prodding to the younger me for being a vain pervert with insatiable desire for porn because a year later it was incumbent that the only thrill of porn is the pursuit of it.
This year, I want to lead a full life. I want to pry above impossible hedges before leaping onto them so I could bring them down. Hedges are for pussies and pretentious dickwarts.
I want to continue learning and discovering the world and myself. I want to be optimistic like Puteri. I want to enjoy literature like Lubna. I want to work hard like Suhail. I want to love like Auntie Tijah. I want to learn mandarin like Megat. I want to eat like Nael. I want to travel like Uncle Lan and Mama Ida. I want to cook like Jamie Oliver. I want to learn how to never give up like Ummi. I want to serve my country like Dr. M. I want to fight for Islam like prophet Muhammad. I want to grow up, grow old and grow wise. I want to be more than what I think I'm capable of.
But most of all, I want to be happy. Isn't that our one and only desire, to be happy?

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