I'll be at UTM at Skudai, Johor for a whole week and it's likely that I won't have the leisure time to lay a finger on any fingertip receptive plastic board eletronic device for 7 days. I'm going to be the sound dubber and narrator of our 8 minutes play.

An guess what?
My birthday is on the nineteenth
and I will be nineteen years old then.. if only I was born on 7.19 pm / 1919.. wohohoho.. masuk KOsmo, speaking of which, the newspaper destroyed an IIUM medic student's dignity by manipulating facts of a khalwat case. Well, you know KOSMO and their slogan, SEX


Well that's that.
And I'm sensing great annoyance of some of the comments of my later entry; I'm annoyed of me being annoyed. Annoyance that makes me annoyed of me being annoyed. And that feeling is kinda annoying...

I guess we have to get rid of things that annoys us sometimes. Like disturbing pictures of sleeping babies or mini brief boxes or Coca Cola plastic bottles or yesterday's Kosmo or or or or unfinnish OR fillet or even you... yes... even you. *stares at the ceiling*

I'm filling this entry with a whole week amount of sarcasm. Make me smile and I'll snarl.Praow...
On a sadder note, Puteri' grandfather baru meninggal dunia, do him a favour and donate your Al-Fatihah. Thank you.

My present to my group, NOCTA.

NO.... it's the end of NOCTA...

I'm going to miss you guys like yesterday's KOSMO. Really will.. *sad*

inner voice aka madba: ~but what about your birthday~

Oh yes... My B.day. The day I was born, the day Allah introduced me to worldly pleasure and suffering. The day my that made my mom and dad my mom and dad and mom and dad respectively.

Thoughts~ friendship is like the London's Underground. Tunnels, new tunnels, newly built tunnels, overlapping tunnels, abandoned tunnels. Fast paced. Full of rats and addicts. Smells like fresh limestone, fermented urine. Haaaah. It breathes. It's a life of it's own.

It's only natural


Chemistry Grad said...

al Fatihah..*speechless*

J said...

Happy birthday! It's 19th today!