hugs and kisses

Project dah habis.. yay yay...

Ahh... my first gift in a..*thinks* long long time. Well, since I entered IIUM, I'm getting the knack of not receiving presents.. just money in forms of allowance. Oh, how forever greatful I am.. *rolls eyes*

e brought back a pack of chocolates and a souvenir from Langkawi. A keychain; now it's my bag's official earring. To stir things up, she texted me to meet up so she could give me the small parcel and I was photocopying something at that time and as soon as I reached for my vibrating phone, I bumped into her.. ~~~I didn't realized the irony untill I got back to my room and read all my long forgotten messages.

Everything is swell form there on...*contemplates* maybe it's the chocolate? Everything got swell since I ate the whole packet... chocs DO make people happy eh?

p.s. e requested an entry about death. Interesting.. What do I think of death?

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Chemistry Grad said...

first! oh can comment already! wanna make this permanent la. haha~ anyway, kid dah perah santan, if u ask me wat do i think of death, which no one ask, i'd say..only death do u guys, afiq deen and zati ewani, apart!!!

ala..why tak bagi that kisses on ur birthday? maybe e ada another surprises lagi kot. oowwh..sweetnyer korang!

and afiq pasang jay chou eH..e's favourite! alololo..sweet couple and u know wat, i'm definitely gonna embrace ur relationship like jazlan's, zarif's...

respect brother!