We had our little NOCTA party last night and one of the highlights of the party is the present-exchanging; they made little pieces of paper with your nickies- nickies are not nicknames-

"according to afiqster~ nickies: (nekk-ees) playful association of a person."

Here are some of them:
Sarah Lawa
Jojo Gagah
Ina Diva Manja

afiq budak tak cukup umur
}: p~
They did it as a joke so I played along, thumbsucking and licking my new pillow.

It's bugging me how people think they know so much of me to judge afiq. It's bugging me that that kind of thing bugged me. I shouldn't be bothered by insecurities. I shouldn't be bothered by other people's insecurities. Some even predicted my future. Heh? Why should I be bothered eh?

Ay, a message to you lots
afiqsays~ bisa ngomong dengan tangan saja !!


Szakif said...

bisa ngomong apa sih dengan tangan itu.... hohohohoo... don bother too much la... but sumtimes people say wut they wanna say about us and they really mean it.. so its up to us to judge which one to take and which one not to.

kid said...


thanx szakif!

u know wat afiq, i am no one, i admit. i have problems as much as u too, but different kind.

i can be ur fren as well as ur enemy and thats only u can choose wat who u want me to be. i show u wat i have, but its up to u to take it or leave it..

no big deal! and sepatutnye, shouldnt be any problem with it.

we listen, we take, we consider and weigh..or merely leave it. as simple as that.


Anonymous said...

" bisa ngomong dengan tangan saja " = talk to the hand eh??

biaser la ppl will judge you,

for e.g Afiq budak tak cukup umur = Afiq awet muda !! Maybe now you'll probably say " tats not gewd enough " but wait till u're 23 but ppl still ckp tat u're 17, pergi rumah makcik time rayer " baru abis SPM kan? " - " dah lamer dahhh... "

its better be "budak tak cukup umur" rather than "bapak orang". ;p

kid said...

thats the spirit!

i want ppl to judge me!! afiq, tukar tempat! and i want awek muda too!!

afiq said...


if only the truth is sweet
not revenge
if only honesty is sour
not the luxury
of a higher power

will honey be salty if
its the water of the sea?
will sea water be lovely if
if it is filled with honey?

what sour taste!
what bitterness of thought
yet it was expressed with such sweetnes
such delicacy
weaved by bitter annoyance
fragmented by salt and sugar
so perfectly diguised

like mints or icey
that wets your pants

with spice, sugar
and everything nice...