Burger King?


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King? What King?
"Those among you who are worst are those who call themselves Kings and look down upon others"
I'm doubting the national philosophy. *nods*

(ehem, beta Sultan Johor. Hobi beta ialah bermain golf dan memukul kepala caddie beta sehingga dia mati... hahaha. apa! Beta pembunuh? Cisss.. Huh~ TULAH sama kamu!)

Is this man worthy of the status "King"; as opposed to our prophet Muhammad who is our life Guide? Prophet Muhammad never instruct anything and only guided his Umat. He showed the way. He is also unrecognizable when he is with his friends as he did not elevate himself in any form. His friends (sahabat) followed this trait when they became Khalifahs.

SO why is our King, who is a Muslim and the symbol of Islam is sitting on a golden chair at an elevated pavement decorated in yellow and gold.

Why do I have to Mengangkat Sembah to him?

Why should I address myself as Hamba when I'm only the servant of God?

Why should I kneel infront of him to greet him?

The last time I read, gold and silk is forbade by Rasulullah to be worn by men. Why is our Agong potraying his ICEYS in every picture in government offices.

Furthermore, are they suitable as the symbol of Islam in this country, ok ok... let say our Sultan Idris Sharafuddin (no finger pointing eh, he's related so safer to mention lor..)

is a proud shareholder of Planet Hollywood.. well he is..

and his jouney from Peking to Paris on his Humty Dumty was sponsored by Carlsberg. Aiyo, and there's a picture of him drinking Carlsberg after finishing the race in his autobiography. And ~eeek~ *brakes* he's Islam's greatest symbol in this country! *eyes flickers*

The second verse in the philosophy is in FACT a philosophy, a thought or opinion by a humble human being so I may or may not have anything to do with it.

So be it.

So he, like other great man like Einsten, Davinci or Afiq should be given the opportunity to be critisized. If only Sultan Idris Sharufuddin reads this (he might, one day when he decided to google his own name he'll read lah)

Dear dear Sultan Idris,

You might not know me but I'm a distant nephew of yours and I feel embarrased that you, of all people, decided to ignore your post as the symbol of Islam. You live a luxurious life in the expense of your family's blood and land. You had sold most of your lands and your wealth is now short lived. I'm embarassed to see that most of my cousins in your family are posh windbags with expensive foundation and talk about parties and handphones 24/7. Don't worry, I won't bore you to death... the end.. happy? Believe me the sour taste stuck in your throat right now is not the fillet minon you ate for lunch tempoh hari..



kid said...


i just wanna talk about Einstein..

about ur post, yes these these ppl *sigh* tak sedar siapa diri mereka sebenarnya.

i saw jugak with my own eyes how these these ppl so proud menghayun beer everywhere.

sebab dah TERLALU kaya,
itulah duit yang menutup mata mereka,
tak nampak dosa,
tak nampak pahala.
sebab bergelar sultan dan raja,
sumer orang takut,
sumer orang hormat,
jadinya mereka tak takut hapak!

Sultan tak takut Tuhan? tak takut pada Allah?

biar saya jawabkan..

"Alaa..nak mati lama lagi. nanti dah tua sikit, dah pencen ada masa terluang, rasa masa nak dekat, barulah start insaf sikit. Tuhan kan Maha Pengampun, Maha Penyayang. Sure boleh! sekarang kita RONGGENG!"

*saya tau benar jwp, sebab saya sendiri pernah berkata demikian..*

J said...


I saw the Agong thrice while in KK last week.

Gosh. Kesian people have to bersusah because of him, especially at the airport on the day that he left KK.

Anonymous said...

afiq, i believe i can relate to how you feel there..
you know why ;-)

sometimes when people have it so easy, senang betul lupa diri..
who's to be blamed?

they've been in such lifestyle for generations already.
them being the rep for Islam is something which is written on paper, in the constitution only, really..

the only reason im grateful for the sultans is the fact that they defended malay rights with their existence since brits time dulu2..

*rolls eyes*

- Puteri.

afiq said...

Sultan Idris married a white lady..
and our future Sultan is a half white..

kid said...

sultan dulu ngan sultan skrang berbeza..ppl change wat, for better or worse.

post modernism

Szakif said...

oltho this posting sounds really direct, ade gak betul nya... hm~ aku bace je, takmo komen banyak. Rasulullah will be the greatest leader ever!