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Olympiarch exhibition.. The mascot's name is Ollie. He's all over the place. And all over as in all over the place. I swore I saw one in the lubang jamban.. serious..

He's all over the place.... *sings while doing the groovy pointing thingy*

Ollie in action!

The following pictures are products of boredom.. aha. Bare with ma boradoma! By the time you finish viewing the pics, you'll fall under a trance of boredom and will find your face chequered. My sense of boredom is infectious.. it could easily be an epidemy. Like Social Ambaba Rotary Sodiom (SARS) or Homo Imah Vavavoom (HIV aids)

Moi handbag.. with keychains recently bought from LimKokWing's booth. You can never see me without a bag. I'd requested my family to shove in all my bags in my Grave when I ***.

It spells olympiarch in Jawi. It's Khat Khufi.

Pasangan bukan muhrim yang kantoi!

ehem, ehem, you can imagine how bored I was to have taken picture. I say... turn out ok jugaklah.

lick I mean click me for more pics by an UITM archifreak!

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