Pampadam pam...

Grateful I am to have a mother like Umi. She gave me unlimited oppurtunities and had supported my passions throughout my growing years with her. Because of her support, my passion have space to develop; some includes my inclination in architecture, writing, poem recitation and arts. I am. Truly Grateful.

I have no intention of generalizing people through their race. What follows after this is strictly derived from myself. My opinion. Nothing to do with sweet onion and raw sushi.

Malay parents are selfish.

Something triggered me when I was at Sunway Pyramid watching serious ice skaters doing axles and whatever else that follows. Most of them are chinese and there was only one malay girl. Their parents who picked them up after their practice were very odinary looking: they brought mineral water bottles, bakul bekal and tupperware filled with crackers whereas the malay girl I was particularly occupied with sat along a posh mid-age lady who I swear had had her face injected with.. ehem.. botox. Oh, botox worshipers... forgive me.. I have a slight complication in typing every time I mention that word. BOTOX.. jitters...

And all is clear: Why is it that interest like playing the piano, acting, dancing, skating (for this matter) etc is limited to higher earning malays' children when chinese parents of average income manage to encourage these interests to theirs?


Roll camera, ACTION!

Hazman: Senah darleng... *Hazman enters stage* *loghat omputih yang melebih-lebih*
Senah: Oh Abang.. Dah balik?
Hazman: Dah *duh* Aman ngan Ina tak balik sekolah lagi?
Senah: Aman dekat rumah kawan dier, main game latu.. Ina kat dapur tu ha, tengah buatkan kopi abang. Apasal senyum senyum kambeng ni bang? Duduk bang, Senah amikkan kopi jap.
Hazman: Baguslah tu.. abang pun ada berita baik, abang baru naik pangkat jadi supervisor.
Senah: Alhamdulillah syukur.. Supervisor tu pebende?
Hazman: *ignores wife's inquiry* Abang fikir nak beli televisyen baru lah..
Senah: *act as if the conversation went smoothly* Yelah bang, baru-baru (tipu sunat..hehe.. I curik dari Datin Bedah waktu ziarah rumah dier lepas beli ikan dekat pasor..) ni Senah nampak pamplet Court's Mammoth, ada sale. Manalah tau.. bolehlah kiter upgrade sofa kita ni... *yellow pamphlet appears out of the crevices of the sofa*
kedua-dua pelakon seolah-olah beku kesejukan difollowi dengan tirai merah yang tutup dengan otomatik.


munie said...

i wanted to leave a msg at the shoutbox. but it keeps asking me to type the anti spam code no matter how many times i've done it.. so i'll just leave u a msg here. actually i just wanted to say hello.. haha =) later..

Szakif said...

owh.. u went to sunway pyramid huh? oho~ read my blog, its about sunway pyramid~ hehe~

lubna said...

I cnt leave a shoutout either, and what I wanted to say is:

I love domesticated cats but I'm allergic to them as well. Can you imagine trying to pet your fav cat and sneezing uncontrollably at the same time?

About the lack of Malays involved in skating-very true. The last time I went skating with my siblings, we were surrounded by multitudes of Chinese all whooshing past us. I was wondering about that.

afiq said...

i can... happens everytime.. : (

Chemistry Grad said...

aha! szakif sampai sini gak akhirnya!

responding to ur post:

kenapa salahkan parents sahaja? naper tak survey anak2 dorang plak? salahkan remaja kita jugak!

jgn buat sweeping statement!

Chemistry Grad said...

aha! szakif sampai sini gak alhirnya!

responding to ur post:

kenapa salahkan parents sahaja? naper tak survey anak2 dorang plak? salahkan remaja kita jugak!

jgn buat sweeping statement!

afiq said...

its a not a proper statement to begin with. Its an opninion. Isn't everybody entitled to their own opinion?

Chemistry Grad said...

why did i post twice?

anyway, sorry. should have read properly. i should higlight everytime to start commenting.

sorry again.

but what do u think about their children yang lebih minat benda2 lain yg tak berfaedah?

kalo parents paksa, nanti anak2 rebel. as a result, semua perkara dibuat separuh jalan, sebab anak give up tgh jalan. tak ke membazir?

pilihan ibubapa? pilihan anak2?

mana penting?