The Secret is Simple

I'm sure you heard of it. The book, CDs, DVDs anc collectibles of The Secret. You can spend 50 ringgit and above buying The Secret merchandises
you can just read this blog. The way I look at it, it's a hell of a bargain.
I'd read, watch and listen to The Secret and I can positively concur that the proposed (and proven) secrets of personal success is exactly similar to a portion of an Islamic practice in terms of its attributes and purposes. The secrets is assimilated to solat in every angle except for the physical movements and cleansing part.
It's amazing how a lot of really pious people we'll usually see praying their asses off in mosques are poor. I can tell you for a fact that they pray because they desperately want to go to heaven but what they don't know is by neglecting wealth and prosperity, they are mainly contributing to their family spiralling financial damnation. That's not a very heavenly thing to do is it?
The purpose of praying should not be questioned, no doubt about that but we have to somehow understand the foundation in which praying takes effect on our life. The basis of solat is:
1. Gratefulness and humility
2. Peace and meditation
3. Mind setting
The do'a part is the mind setting process of solat. Our do'as are our wishes, ambitions and dreams and is also the visualization of our future success.
So do yourself a favour and perform your do'a in a language you understand because surely, you are the person who determines your own dreams and not the Buku Koleksi Do'a.


Miss Aida said...

People I know always wonder why I read a language I don't understand. Heh.

Thank you, indoctrination of Malay and Islam.

adam k. said...

iya pak