Learn and Let Learn

Today is one of those days.
One of 'those' days. Days that passed by like an impending storm. It's not exactly chaos but the anticipation of it dwells in chaos, resulting something that lies between knock knock truth and sigh sigh fiction. By the end of the day, the only thing I will probably remember is how I wish tomorrow will arrive much faster that the eye of the clock will allow and the only thing that I will probably forget is how yesterday is the fruit of today like today is tomorrow's. By the end of the day, I will probably will not learn anything.
But I usually do LEARN.
I just have no intention of applying what I had learn if I can't make sense of it. Sense can come knocking like my nextdoor neighbour or like a bunch of drunk policemen with loaded guns.
I have two Life Lesson options: I can either be aware of the whole process or experience the ups and downs without the realization of god's unexplainable sense of beckoning.
Or I can do both and spend most of my waking hours expecting and anticipating.
Expecting and anticipating.
Like a sodding monk; aware but ignorant, pious but at fault, all too human to direct, all too godly to act.


Jannah said...

"how I wish tomorrow will arrive much faster that the eye of the clock will allow"

Sounds like depression to me.

Have you ever feels the need to continue on sleeping and living in Dreamland rather than waking up and facing the world?

afiq said...

sometimes... but then I'll get hungry and will start scouring my room for food.