The content of the movie is without a doubt misleading

And the translation of the Quran was taken out of context by focusing on just one sentence or a part of the sentence. Like the first ayat used in the movie, the producer left a vital continuation to the ayat and made it sound as if Muslims have to wage war against non-muslims. That is not true, what it meant is God tells us equipt muslims countries with the latest weapons so other countries will not have the guts to attack us.
It is comprehendable though the reason why Geert Wilders made the video. It was a simple form of propaganda to breed fear of the Islamic lifestyle. The immigration of arabs to europe was inevitable for the past few decades because of europe's receding human resources. The first generation arabs were treated fairly and without discrimination because arabs were thankful for the government for supplying them the comfort of living and assured jobs. The second and third generation had assimilated european languages (german, dutch, french) and were educated like any other europeans but there was a sense of alienation from eurpeans caused by their financial gap. It is still obvious today that arabs living in europe is poorer than most europeans. This is common in any country concerning any minority.
The inferior complex brought by this caused aggression and discrimination and like any troublesome phase, it will usually dissolve through understanding and acceptance from both parties. The problem is now that a minority of european arabs are taking their aggression to another level and see terrorism as their main propaganda to not to speed up the acceptance process but to force europeans to bow down to their demands. Others however see through the dilemma by peaceful means like representing the muslim communities by joining the cabinet and by intergrating different cultures by various methods
So I strongly dispute the inference of Islam being the main perpertraitor. It is a social crisis that has to be resolved from within the country without the involvement of other countries who are clueless of the pattern of chaos. When the Muhammad cartoon was published for example, muslims in Denmark should have resolve the issue by peaceful means. Not by killing the cartoonist or burning the Dutch embassy worldwide.
I can't really blame some muslims who got carried away with the cartoon or the movie because, well, they are poor, unemployed and live in a turmoiled islamic state. Poverty leads to apostacy. Everybody knows that!
I wonder. Muslims all over the world desperately need to get themselves properly educated man!

It's so embarassing to have to see my religion continuously bashed and insulted. It's even more embarassing to see muslims react to bashings and insults by means of destruction and vandalism.

Who's to blame you ask?


Don't blame the jews or christians or the americans.

It's high time for us to realize that if we want the Islamic principles to be uphold and respected by the world, we have to first bomb our first target: illiteracy. Then we can move on by bombing bigger targets like education and development.

Allah SWT is everyone's god, christians or jews or buddhists or whatever. We just worship Him in our own special way. Let's just keep it simple and BUY and READ a book.

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Puteri said...

The movie IS a Fitna on its own. it shows how shallow the understanding of others are of what Islam is all about.

to be taking only the negatives (or what is perceived as) and misleading interpretations of the Quran. I am so upset with this film ... ='(