Bah! Humbug!

Funnylah some people....
As an entrapenuer, I have my share of business experience including the quantity-price relationship.
More products = cheaper price. Duh.

Since I've always print my papers using A's service, I decided to print about 600 sets of wedding cards. So get this yeah:

normal price:

1 black&white page = 10 cents

In my case:

600 black&white pages = 60 ringgit or simply STILL 10 cents per page.

WTDodol right?

It's difficult to do business with a good friend who doesn't have any business sense. First of all, he's a good friend of mine and secondly, sometimes being in that position somehow made him feel that our business relationship is indispensable. As a friend, he should know that business oppurtunities should not be mistaken as favours. The favour is the deal itself and not the whole process (pricing included).

I'm having second thoughts of using his service in the future and my trust on his business sensibilities is somewhat receding.

Wah wah wah... Afiq bicara niaga!

Since most of the people I do business with expected a name card from me, I decided to make my very own name card. The logo design ada dekat bawah ni:

The somewhat organic spurts represents growth and its artistic curves defines the growth of creativity.

OK or not the slogan: redefining engenuity? I think that is what Malaysia is lacking of in the creative department: ingenuity. We are simply recycling used ideas, especially western ideas.

Since I had the priviledge of making documentaries in UIA and is still deeply involved in the biggest architecture documentary as a university student, I would like learn and get involved in documentary scene. I also make cards, crafts, etc.

What I need now is a business partner who is business savvy and can get me jobs. My Achilles heel is communication. It's not that I'm not a good speaker but I am often distracted from my focus when it comes to getting projects. If there is an art I had missed out it will be the art of persuasion.

Exploit me people before I learn how to exploit myself!

That just now sounded a tad dirrrrty...


hanyhany said...

hye, i'm not sure if this is relevant to your business,

but do you design web templates?

kaoru said...

and yes exploiting u does sound a tad dirty

afiq said...

hany, i dont. I dont know how to and I think web design is not my cup of milo ais