I'll Miss You Shasha...

I can't say much about her because I think it's too personal. I'd found her 3 days ago and I let her go yesterday. It pained me to see her in pain. It was an extremely difficult decision and my roommate and I reach a concensus. We had let her make her own decision: to be a house cat or a stray cat in which she chose the later.
My eyebags are still sore and pretty much black from all the crying. Sometimes tears just comes out without prior warning, or feeling for that matter. I'll be doing my work listening to good music and still, the thought of losing Shasha will transform my eyes into overflowing wells. But I think we'd made the right decision, it is her choice to venture into the wild and I respect that.
My roommate tried relentlessly to cheer me up, which he did. He took me for a midnight motorcycle stroll around UIA, went to a kedai runcit and bought a drumstick vanilla ice cream and M&Ms. (Afiq loves his M&Ms) You know, simple cheap stuff I'll remember for life.
And we ate Roti Nan Cheese at Steven's. Steven's redefined roti cheese and nan cheese simply by using mozarella instead of cheddar spread. The nans tasted like pizza! I just think RM4.50 per nan is a bit pricey. It's just mozarella la encik Steven bukan Caciocavallo Podolico!
Right. So there's this gap yeah... that needs to be filled. Any kittens up for adoption?


Anonymous said...

Afiq...If I were u, I wouldnt be able to make such a hard decision..u r indeed very strong!

Umi Qazrina

adora said...

i had 3cats before-yusry (cos he looked like yusry kru), duchess (gre&white duchess-like) and princess (cos she's as white as can be!) yea2 the names arent exactly original. sue me;) they were all stray cats that just loved my home as much as i did,so much they decided to stay..anyway, when i had to move to an apartmnt, they couldnt come. so we left them. evnthough back then,they always came back to us. even writing this is getting me all teary-eyed:( this happened more than 10 years ago. but i'll always rmmbr my alley-gangster yusry who will gado kat belakang rumah, n my dad would put minyak gamat on him later.my duchess who birthed 6 grey kittens and slept in my mom's periuk haha. and princess who got kidnap by a stupid lil fat kid who trapped her in his house and put on a cheap ugly bell around her neck and let her get hit by a car in front of his house and didnt even bother to bury her then. my father did.

scuse the emotional downpour and the nostalgic trip back. i just wanted to tell u, i guess it is possible for an animal to love as much as a human. sorry afiq.