A bee am I?

Yes, very much like a bee.

There is a pattern in any chaos and in the fiasco of work I'm in, something distinctively personal is emerging from the normalcy of work and more work: I hate being in am enclosed space with lots of people. A pattern is formed and a conclusion is reached. I don't think I'm suited to work in offices. It's not a matter of choice, really. It's a body reaction, a conclusive succession of self study, a consequential abomination of body and mind, a shit load of crap.

There are several types of bees and I am so very sure that I'm a carpenter bee.

Carpenter bees have metal-like, black color and no yellow marks. Their length is 2 to 2.5 inches. They have solitary behavior and cannot prepare wax. From flower to flower, they can travel long distances. The nests these bees make are in flower stalks or wood. As they make tunnels in solid wood, they are so called. There exists a pile of sawdust near the nest entrance.

Well better this than other sucky types of bees like bumblesbee, honeybees or the damnest of all bees, YBs.

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