You Pervs~

Something is definitely fishy about my blog's rating. I mean, do you really like to see me shirtless? Or do I have a strong gay fan base? (I'm not gay btw) I took a picture of myself just after I woke up after the terrible ordeal. You should've seen my face though, it was wrecked beyond recognition.
Yes yes, I delivered several cards to some customers at their hostels. Sisters's hostel. Blerghhh...

I put on my black jubah, and wore a sampin over my head to make it work like a stylo tudung. I then had some ingenious make-up on (colour pencils) and put on shades to hide my Charlie Simpson-Chinese Warlord eyebrows. For extra precaution, I sprayed my eyes with listerine to make it look teary thus supporting my fashion sense. I could either be a grieving ex-gf or a girl with conjunctivitis.

Nobody noticed my disguise except for one sister. I asked her for directions and she was puzzled by my apparel.

"Awak ni....?"

"Oh, saya Afiqah." I answered.


After delivering the cards, I rushed back to my car with my fake bossoms sliding down to my waist and my pants unusually heavy with excess laundry. It was exhilarating then to do something extremely ridiculous but the next morning I felt like a complete douche bag. I was like "OMG, I'd totally messed up my balance cycle! I was so fudging drag. A good muslim drag... but that's not the point."

Well, I did it and nobody can prove that I did it. That's all that counts anyways. For all you know, that weird broad-shouldered sister could've been a vindictive young Datin who'd had a little too much muscle-gain formula.

If this life tale of mine is not interesting enough to attract as many readers like my out of bed picture did, this picture of me and Shasha will definitely do the trick:

(Ah, I can see you eyeing my sexy Shasha, you pervs!)


lifeinside said...

you'll do just about anything to get attention!!!

afiq said...

well well... I'd thought so. My rating doubled the day I posted that silly picture.


(that includes you mirul)

lifeinside said...

i'm here everyday afiq. if i feel like giving hate comment i'll give. u know me.

and may i repeat "hate" comment, if u didn't get that properly.

lifeoutside said...

Didn't know that your Shasha is grey in color.

How sweet.

lifeinside said...

who are u bitch?

lifeoutside said...

Bad word !

Didn't he tell you that her name is Shasha !

Err... did you mean the owner ?

Oh my ..