Alumni Institut Al-Quran Kuala Lumpur(I'm the one wearing a green baju melayu)
I met one of my IQKL friends and talked for hours. I reminisced my unforgettable experiences when I was in IQKL and he talked about his future plans. Tired of our constant reminiscing, we went into a mamak store and ordered milo ais.
"Ko tak trauma ke Afiq?"
"Trauma ape?" I frowned.
"Trauma la..." He insisted.
"Yelah trauma pasal ape?"
"Kene ehem."
"Kene ape?"
"Kene waktu malam."
"Aku jarang kene rotan ah dulu..."
"Bukan tuh.."
"Ko tak tau ke? Kalo tak tau takpelah."
"Taktau ape? Ah, ko dah mula cerita, kenelah habiskan!"
"Ok ok, ko tau kan ko dulu kan jambu.. skarang pun sebenarnye." He laughed.
"Dulu malam malam budak2 suka ehem ko."
"HAH? Sila spesifik sikit?" I demanded.
"Bukan kene liwat, budak suka raba ko?"
"Ramai jugak la, aku pun tak ingat tapi ramai gak."
"Sekaligus? Aku tak perasan pun! SAPERRR?"
"Tak tak, taknak pulak aku nak bagitau ko saper tapi ramai la, tapi lain masa. Dorang pun tak tau orang lain suke rabe ko jugak kot."
"Macam mane ko tau?"
"Aku jenis yang selalu bangun malam2. Memang ade la aktiviti ni selalunyer, maklumla asrama lelaki tapi ko lah paling kerap kene. Aku ingatkan ko tau."
"Tak aku tak tau."
I was so pissed off.
"Relek ah Afiq, nyesal pulak aku bagitau, aku ingat ko tau."
"Tak aku tak tau. Aku tak pernah tau."


Anonymous said...

Emm .. apa motif kongsi pengalaman kena raba ni ? Advertisement ke ni ?
So how much per service ?

afiq said...

it may appear funny to you but to me, it feels as if I was in some ways, undignified.

I'm glad that I tell the tale so people can acknowledge these sort of closet phenomenon. You're such a jackass you know that. A heartless shallow-minded son of a bitch.

Anonymous said...

So, it was a " closet " afterall and not sekadar something " tak perasan ".

Nakal lah afiq nih ... hihihi

Lyn said...

takpe afiq, anon tak faham how it feels to be molested lagi2 bile tak perasan. Tak rase sakit badan tapi sakit hati.

to him u mcm patetic sbb cerita bende2 camni tp utk i, u berani sbb u address bende yg tak betul

kan Budaya Tak Pa, Bumi Binasa.

Oh ya, in case u dah lupa, I'm Lyn, yg duduk sebelah dalam bas. You marah sakan dkat operator bus tu.. dier ngamuk u releks je. Respek la...


Mae said...

im.. so sorry 2 hear dat =(

lifeinside said...

hey dude so sorry to hear u got molested man.

Hafidz Baharom said...

oh dear, so very sorry to hear that you've experienced that.

are you okay, though?

you know where to find me if you wanna talk about it.

fakulito said...


afiq said...

Since I wasn't awake when I was molested, I'm not troubled by it. I do however feel betrayed.

Imagine waking up in the morning together with the guys and washing up and reading Quran... knowing I was molested by most of them!

I'm glad I slept like a dead pig.

kAPUTchin Monkii said...

Mmmm... how about a little twist.


waking up in the morning

together with the guys

and washing up and reading Quran...

NOT KNOWING that I was molested by most of them

other than from a friend's word

who himself, very much probably, was not always there with me ( to witness ) when I was awake or asleep

( if yes, he surely must be one of the molesters ! )

but choose to have bad thoughts on my own friends for what I myself not sure or NOT HAVING ANY IDEA at all, whether it really happened or not !

Okkay, maybe because they were bunch of QURAN reading friends, maybe by sharing this to my fellow visitors, it might be sensational and improved my rating !? Wow ! This is about Quran reading dudes goes wild ! How often is that ! Not often if I don't make it sound so !

Long live Majalah Mangga !

afiq said...

well... as twisted as it may seems. this kind of things are normal in dorms.

Well, you should know if you've been in one.

And yet again, another holier-than-thou hypocrit.

(as if I care much about ratings, I dont get paid blogging y'know..)